Google This

This kitteh’s name IS Google. (Burning question- is her puppeh named…”Bing?”)


“This is Google; my Norwegian Forest Cat. A bit overweight, but soo sweet.” -Nathalie.



  1. Belleh just begging for a snorgling.

  2. I second that, sugitomo 😀 Oh, I so want to snorgle Google the dear sweet Norwegian Forest Cat’s belly 😀

  3. Agreed. I’m pretty sure the word “snorgling” was made up with that tummy in mind.

  4. Queen of Floofisness! Needs a belly blow.

  5. awwww, how wonderful. My cat does just the same, lying on her back like that. I call it her Statue of Liberty pose – with one arm in the air! Cats are just awesome

  6. Lucy's mommeh says:

    I had to do a double take, wondering why my Lucy was on here! I’ll have to go through the pics on the computer when I get home & post one of her in this position!

  7. phred's mom says:


  8. Well eh, to answer the burning question: My other cat is named Excel, due to the tabby stripes.
    (a girl has to try and convince her computer-nerd boyfriend to get a cat by naming them Excel and Google, (runners up were Linux or Tux). Apple, C++, Powerpoint or Word never sounded like good cat names to call out)

  9. That looks like the softest fur ever.

  10. Dog Lover says:

    I could get lost in that belleh floof for about 100 years. 🙂

  11. “due to the tabby stripes” FTW.

  12. My floofy boy does this, and I call it the “beached whale”

  13. Oh 😀 The names Linux and Tux are great names for kitties, Nathalie, as are Excel and Google 😀 The worst thing you could of done was give one of them the name “Yahoo” 😆