Puppy New Year!

And a Puppy New Year to everyone! We hope everyone got home safe and sound last night. While it’s still a little early in the US (yawn) it’s time to get back to work with some…Dog Shaming! Great way to kick off 2014!












Photos from Distractify.com.



  1. I sentence all of you to……a lengthy term of intensive snorgling……. 😀

  2. Bwha haha ha hoo *snort* heehee…best way to start any day! 😆

  3. And we adore you all anyway! Hoomins are SUCH suckers! 😉

  4. Something tells me that vet doesn’t mind…

  5. The second photo reminds me of a Regrettable Incident involving a Roomba and a deliberately missed litter box, which resulted in a full scrub-down of all the floors and a good hour cleaning all the inner workings of the Roomba. So… where’s the cat-shaming post? Not that cats have any shame. :/

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Good start to the year, laughing at dog poops! (I have a cat. No poop problems (yet).)

  7. Love this to bits…..

  8. Oh MY GOD. I am crying. My roomie is tell me to shut the eff up cause I’m laffing so loud. “I killed Dora the explorer” Oh man, dyin here.

  9. I can’t even see the screen clearly I am laughing/crying so hard. These are hysterical!!!! Thanks for the good morning chuckle, I needed it!!!!

  10. I just love CO…great way to start my day!!!!! I too cracked up over killing dora the explorer.

  11. 2014 is off to a GREAT start!!

  12. princess guinea and ariel says:

    i like the one that said ‘ i pooped on the floor ‘ and ” i ate it “

  13. I will never again be able to keep a straight face during a Skittles ™ commercial.

  14. Parents everywhere are celebrating the deed of the last puppy!

  15. The underline under “I bark at PANTS” tells me there is an exasperated hoomin on the other side of that camera. Laughed until I cried……