Time To Pop The Cork

Oh, never mind. Someone already did! Happy New Year! And while you’re here, check out this link on pet safety for New Year’s Eve.

Video submitted by Doar E. A Mihai Francu production. Photo from Mostly Cats Mostly Tumblr.


  1. The second kitty in my life used to drink everything with her paw like this – good times!

  2. That Kitty with the Moët is gorgeous!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Finicky cats will only drink Dom Purrignon.

  4. ROFL! That sounds just like Janelle (who was featured on CO a while ago with this video) :D

  5. Looks like he prefers Meow-ët & Chandon in the 2nd pic.

  6. Snort…giggle

  7. meow-et & Chatdon.

  8. I would of served the kitty Lactaid Milk in that champagne glass :D

  9. Yes he is! I’m especially in love with that big long nose!

  10. whatthelump says:

    Is that the same kitty who got caught rifling through a drawer for red lace unmentionables? Even if it’s not, the champagne seems fitting =^.^=