The Story Of Mr. Fuzz

Ever had a houseguest that stopped by for the weekend..then decided to stay? That’s kinda what we’re talking about here.

Let’s let Robert R. step in at this point. “This is our Maine Coon, Mr. Fuzz. He is a feral that showed up last year in our neighbourhood as a hungry kitten. We started feeding him during the freezing months of January and February then one bitterly cold night he panicked while hiding on our back porch and ended up running in the house,” Robert says.

“He’s been here ever since.”

“He has grown into a beautiful cat who enjoys his comforts, as you can see.”




  1. awww, he’s perfect, I love him. Our cat once made friends with a poorly cat, I don’t think he was homeless but I think he was being neglected. He used to sit in our garden sheltering from the rain, then he started coming in the house. I kept taking him out, but he kept coming back. Then our cat started sitting next to him, so we let him stay. Next thing we know he is living with us. He lived with us for two years until he sadly passed away. I was so upset, but I like to think that we saved his life two years earlier by helping him get back to health, and that for the last two years of his life he was happy and well looked after.

  2. Susan Hall says:

    Thank you for taking a feral in! You have given him the gift of life. Always spay/neuter your pets!!

  3. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    You are both very lukcy. Mr.Fuzz is beautiful..and look at that content face under that blankie. Good hooman! ❤

  4. He’s beautiful! So glad you took him in!

  5. Mr. Fuzz is one beautiful and lucky kitty.

  6. Panicked huh — Well planed ploy I think… Beautiful,much loved kitty 🙂

  7. Yeah, I wonder how long he planned that “panic” move. 🙂 Lucky kitteh, lucky hoomins.

  8. 4leafclover says:

    Mr. Fuzz is so beautiful! I love the transformation from the first pic to the second! The first one is very Oliver Twist: “Please, sir, I want some more.” The second one is more like: “I own this place, silly. You just pay the mortgage.”

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    All I can say is, “purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr.”

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Cats know what they’re doing. Good job, Mr. Fuzz.

  11. What a beautiful story. Mr. Fuzz is lucky and so are his hoomins. ❤

  12. Beautiful kitty! 🙂

  13. Mingles' Mommy says:

    He’s stunning and smart – he picked a good home!

  14. Mr. Fuzz is being abused in that house .. man .. a blanket ?? Poor thing wouldn’t be able to handle that level of comfort !! *Snickers* Looks like love overload .. hehe

  15. Such a cutie!

  16. “I can haz comfortabuls bed?”
    Beautiful kitteh!

  17. OMG…so sweet of you, he looks amazing!! Bless your heart!!!

  18. I had a Maine Coon cat once — he was a rescue, but not by me. By the time I “inherited” him he was completely accustomed to his position as a supreme House Cat. But he would never, ever entertain the idea of setting a foot outside. Even pointing out to him that his furry paws and long hair were made for forays outside did not change his mind. Apparently, once he found a good thing he was not going to risk losing it. I miss him.

  19. Not_That_Steph_The_Other_Steph says:

    I have an outdoor cat as well. I have tried to bring him in, but he just freaks out. Now he has his own little hut in my backyard.

  20. Janet in NYC says:

    Beautiful story! Mr. Fuzz has everything he deserves from his devoted people

  21. Just the way it should be. Thank you.

  22. Em: It was very kind of you to give that cat a warm, dry place for the last two years of his life! It’s sad that you didn’t have more time together, but I’m sure he knew he was cared for at the end, and that’s a tremendous gift.

    I love the story of Mr. Fuzz, and I applaud Robert R’s willingness to not only take him in but to give him a cozy bed to sleep in. Please gently boop that cute stripey nose for me!

  23. Sometimes the best you can do is let them know how it feels to be loved for the last years of their lives. And that really is priceless.

  24. Stray, not feral. 😉

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    My thoughts exactly. “Panicked, my foot, he planned that.”

  26. *chuckle* – Steph, I love your screen name!

  27. ❤ Maine Coons!! They know just how to get what they want…well most cats do but the extra floofy coon toes help a little 🙂

  28. We have a Maine Coon that we got from a rescue. He was abandoned as a kitten, and while he has become a big, beautiful, brawny Supreme Housetiger, there is still a part of him that feels like a Norfan. He hates being left alone. He sometimes startles awake in a panic from nightmares.

    We do the best we can to reassure him. He divides his nights between sleeping on my husband’s feet and sleeping in the crook of my arm with his chin on my shoulder (the “teddy bear position”).

    His favoritest thing, though, is the Family Hug (TM). Husband and I hug with the kitty in the middle, and rock him gently til he purrs.

    We’ve had a couple of Maine Coons. They’ve all had one thing in common: they bless their humans with a deep and abiding love. I’m sure it’s the same with Mister Fuzz.

  29. So true, I always console myself that at least my strays (and a couple of ferals) did know what it was to be loved and safe, albeit for not as long as I would have wished. One of my best took almost five years before I could even touch him but once he realised what luvving was, he became a total love sponge and did all he could to make up for lost time. He died in my arms knowing that hoomins could be OK and that he was beloved.

  30. We adopted an adorable, fluff ball kitteh, who kept growing and growing and growing… And 22 pounds later, we realized we had a Maine Coon. (“Do you think he’s done growing yet?” “Don’t know, his paws are still pretty big.”)

    A cat with a louder purr or bigger heart you will never find.

  31. That was my take on that too! 😀

  32. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear that, emlovescats 😥 You gave that poor kitty a loving forever home.

  33. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear that, Carol 😥 You have given those poor kitties a loving forever home.

  34. I hope more kitties will come into your life to the loving forever home you can provide them all, Carol 😀

  35. I hope more kitties will come into your life to the loving forever home you can provide them all, emlovescats 😀

  36. That is also my thought 😀 Mr. Fuzz realized it was warmer inside the house and he could find a nice soft place to sleep while getting warm good food as well as lots and lots of loving 😀

  37. It looks like Mr. Fuzz is asking “Are you coming to bed, Mommy?” 😆

  38. To me that looks says:

    I don’t know where you’re sleeping but this is adequate for my purposes. Turn out the light when you leave.

  39. Cats can be strange. My Mom had a male from they day he was born — I made her take in a pregnant stray one winter — and she ended up keeping one of the kittens. He was raised as a house cat, but one day he managed to get out, and ran away next door.

    Next door is a business, and we could see Ricky in their gated parking lot, but he wouldn’t come when called. Mom left the front door open every night, and left a bowl of food on the porch for him, but all Summer long, he would not come home.

    One day when I was visiting mom, he was on the sidewalk in front of the business next door. I walked up to him slowly, talking quietly, and he let me pick him up. Just I as was walking up mom’s steps, my little niece came out the door and started screaming ’cause I had the cat. So, being Ricky, I bit a nice chunk out of my wrist and took off.

    As it got colder, mom started to give up on him ever coming back. I’d gone over to visit in the evening, and it was getting cold, so she had me close the doors. We were in the living room talking, when Ricky just walked into the room and rubbed up against my leg. He never left again, even after having to take him to the Vet and giving him his flea treatments.

  40. Yeah – my bunny is the same way. She survived a Chicago winter on her own before she was rescued, and in two years she has never even tried to go down the stairs. She’ll sit in the sun on the porch, but that’s about it. Been there, done that.

  41. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Yes, important difference. One is socialized to humans and the other is not.

  42. Does it really matter so long as he’s cute and fluffy?

  43. To me it looks more like “Look, they adore me so much I have my own full sized bed.”

  44. 22 lbs! Wow that puts things into perspective– my kitty weighs 7!

  45. And smart too 🙂

  46. 😆 That is probably the right one, Kaya 😆 I would add “with soft blankets and pillows for me” 😆