Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot..

Does anybody know what that song really means? Not that it matters to this hoppy little dude- wind him up and look at him go!



  1. I think it is the national anthem of the Netherlands, called Wilhelmus.
    For he meaning:
    Maybe it is a Dutch penguin.

  2. All the other penguins have the “Calm down, Ted. We’re getting a foot on Thursday!” look.

  3. I was thinking they were watching him with a real “what the heck got into you?” look. He/she is so cute!!

  4. Should old acquaintance be forgot,
    (Are we going to forget our old friends…)
    and never brought to mind ?
    (and never think about them again?)
    Should old acquaintance be forgot,
    (Are we going to forget our old friends…)
    and days of old lang syne ?
    (and days of long ago?)

    For auld lang syne, my dear,
    (For long, long ago, my friend,)
    for auld lang syne,
    we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
    for auld lang syne.
    (we’ll still toast to the past.)

    The poem (originally written by Robert Burns; his version is quite different than what I’ve usually heard sung) has about six or seven verses, but that’s the ‘burden’, as we saying the trade, the general sense of the the thing: “Are we going to forget about the past and our old friends? No, here’s to ’em!”

    (Never ask me a question you don’t want answered… That’s how I got my apparently permanent gig writing program notes for my professional choir.)

  5. Well, “happy,” or his butt is on fire.

  6. The real “Happy Feet”!!!!

  7. I watched this just before my workout, and while I doubt I enjoyed the physical activity as much as this little guy/gal, thinking about the boinging helped me through. Boing boing boing boing boing….

  8. anonymous coward says:

    wow, (s)he’s having a better time than i am.
    well, good for him(her). 🙂

    …oh, and a happy new year to all. may 2014 be a better one, for all of us.


  9. KittehMamax3 says:

    OK, who gave him “swedish fish” instead of sardines????

  10. We’re getting a foot?

  11. Of snow, presumably.

  12. Obviously, it’s his first Formal. New tux and all.

  13. Maybe somebody gave him a hotfoot.

  14. Poor guy, no one will play with him. He’s jumping in snow puddles.

  15. You know the old boys in back are muttering, “That boy ain’t right.”

  16. Ah youth….

  17. If you’re living in the Boston area, southern coastal cities…yep. A foot of snow or more possible tomorrow…weeeeee, said the penguin. Me, not so much.

  18. Dana Chester says:

    “I’m going to Dis-ney-laaaaand…I’m going to Dis-neeeeeee-land…woooo-hoooo! La la la la la. Dis-ney-lannnnnd…”