One Last Panda For 2013, K?

He’s round, chubbular, and playing ON A BLUE ROCKING HORSE! Can someone PLEASE get that little guy a party hat?

As seen on TO, via Mr. Penta.



  1. A baby panda playing on a blue rocking horse. Too cute to be real, yet it exist. Score 1 for the universe!

  2. Kari Callin says:

    Borrowed from “The Jerk”, with some lyric changes.
    Sing along if you know the words!

    Oh I’m
    Picking out a panda for you!
    Not an ordinary panda for you!

    But the extra best panda you can spy
    With a blue plastic pony that he can ride!

    I’m picking out a panda for you!
    And maybe a baroo-meter too!

    And what else can I buy,
    So on me you’ll rely?
    A rear end ‘tock picture too!


  3. Go… Go… Will somebody put a quarter in this thing so it will go please?

  4. I thought he would rock on it more, but gnawing on the head works too.