Need A Little Bubbly With That, TB?

This time last week Teddy Bear was chowin’ down on his Christmas goodies. Now, with New Year’s Eve just hours away, TB has decided to tie one on a little early.



  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Teddy !!! .. (He has to start now .. Midnight is past his normal bedtime)

  2. What’s New Years Eve without a chorus of Old Fang ‘Pine?

    Anybody else hear “Who cares?” when he knocked over the bottle?

  3. I was thinking “Oh well”.

  4. Happy new year Teddy!! I love how you wear your party hat without a care but you turned that glass when you saw it wasn’t corn whiskey! Heres a toast to the cutest porcupine EVAH!!!

  5. Where else buy Cute Overload are you going to see a talking porcupine buzzing through a corn-on-the-cob while wearing a shiny party hat??? Nowhere else, that’s where! Lovin’ the CO and looking forward to even more mind-melting cuteness in 2014. Happy New Year, CO peeps! You guys make my day, every day!

  6. Is he a special kind of porcupine that is soft instead of stabby? I don’t see quills on him (the cute little booger).

  7. They got a hat on him! That’s impressive.

  8. Teddy never disappoints. My heart is full of love for the little guy. 🙂

  9. lisaLASSIE says:

    He is covered with quills: up to 30,000. He is relaxed so they are not standing up. Also, he has a thick coat of long guard hairs that hide the quills.

  10. JustAnotherHeather says:

    When the bottle was knocked over, did it sound like he said “Oh well?”

  11. That is the cutest ever!!!

  12. I heard it too.

  13. Sloeloris says:

    I was sure it was “Too bad!”

  14. I heard, “Thank you!” after she said, “Happy New Year.” but I think it’s the woman saying, “Whuh-oh!” when the bottle falls. She says it twice more later.