C.O. Desktop Wallpaper!

As we wind down the year, here’s something for your computer- a wallpaper with C.O. images from 2013. Just click on the image below, then right click and save.




  1. My screen just got a Qte makeover! Thanks CO! wishing you a blessed New Year full of peace, joy, and a heaping helping of Qte tidings of daily flufftastic, snorglicious, hoofs,paws,toe beans, muzzle puffs and otter ears!! Cheers!!!

  2. Thank you, CO… for the wallpaper but most of all, for the laughs and the enduring memories. This remains the best site on the interwebz! 🙂

    I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy 2014. Peace be with you!

  3. 2013 was very qte. ❤

    Happy New Years to CO peeps and all your anipals. Hope 2014 is filled with love, happiness and noms.

  4. This wallpaper is .. well .. sorry to say .. Otter(ly Use)less
    *DUCKS* Happy New year CO !!

  5. lisaLASSIE says:

    Well, on the one hand: thank you CO for a wonderfully cute and laugh-filled 2013. On the other hand, I now have to face a looooong 2014 with NO CO 365 a day calendar just because for some fathomless reason, Meg chose her twin babies over her loyal CO fans. Sigh. Ya just can’t figure out some people, can ya? Happy 2014 CO and all CO peeps!!

  6. Schoep is on there…sniffle.

  7. emmberrann says:

    Happy 2014 to CO, and all!

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family – especially the twins. Thank you for all the smiles and joy you give me and the rest of the cute overload family. As I said to you in a private e-mail I sent you – you will never completely understand the power your site has in helping me get through some really difficult times. I thank you and wish you all the best in 2014.

  9. Happy New Year to everyone here at CuteOverload 😀

  10. Thank you, lisaLASSIE, it had to be said…I’m already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. *pouts*
    Happy New Year to the best site on the internet and all the peeps who come here! 🙂 🙂