If You Only Had a Heart

How I wish that you, my owner,
Would not be such a loner,
Too bored to do your part (loo-doot-dee-doodly-doot)
If you were, you’d stop gawking
And get up and take me walking
If you only had a heart

So put down the game controller
Before I get much older
Get dressed and let’s depart (loo-doot-dee-doodly-doot)
Oh, your feet you’d be shifting
And my leg I could be lifting
If you only had a heart

It’s Milo!



  1. Tie between the two best lines!
    1.) (loo-doot-dee-doodly-doot) because i can tewtally hear the Tin Man in that!
    2.) And my leg I could be lifting

    C’mon, take him out! he can’t pee that much, maybe just hold him over the sink instead? :3

  2. Is there any way we can have NTMTOM declared a National Treasure?
    *gets busy writing petition to POTUS*

  3. “loo-doot-dee-doodly-doot” is my first favorite part, too!
    My second is that NOMTOM’s words _exactly_ match the rhythm/meter–none of that rushing of words to fit them in! (If you know what I mean? Not explaining well…)

  4. How does NTMTOM top himself every time? Best. Post. Evar. ❤

  5. BTW, _THIS_ is why we need that much-talked-about coffee table book!!

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    I admit I’m a little over-full of Milo but there is never enough of NTMTOM and his wonderful stories, and this is one of the best in a long time!!

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    You explained perfectly and I totally agree!!

  8. First signature here!!

  9. I love you MILO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!