I Must Defend My Home!

Remember the old monster movies, when a different monster would destroy Tokyo each week? Godzilla would flatten it one Saturday, they’d rebuild it in a few days, then Rodan or Mothra would wipe it out again. Now- one cat has had ENOUGH.

It’s Super Maru to save the day!

More Maru here, of course.



  1. Well, nobody beats Gamera (friend to children..and filled with turtle meat 🙂 ) but Maru is pretty amazing.

  2. Maru does know the next ‘invasion’ is coming this summer .. right ???

  3. I’ve always suspected he was a superhero in a furry, chubbular costume. 🙂

  4. MST3K for the win! On a side note, I want the wood paneling maru has in his house…so pretty.

  5. Smartypants says:

    His Roundness seems so much more active than he used to be – first jumping into that t-a-l-l box, now this! Baby Hana must be giving him some youthful energy.

  6. No capes!

  7. Hovertext reminds me of The Incredibles. “Woman, where is my SUPER SUIT?!”

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    There is no gravity in Japan, so things don’t fall to the floor. Hence, no dirt on the floor and cats in the air. My hypothesis.

  9. He must, Doug 😀 Dear sweet Maru is getting in shape so that he and dear sweet Hana can take on the next invasion of Godzilla 😀

  10. Wait, is that the ceiling? Maru’s house has a knotty pine paneled ceiling? Fancy. And what do we figure he jumped off the top of? Stainless steel double door refrigerator? Isn’t that awfully high?

    I must be misreading that photo completely.