Tiny Peke With Epic Baroo

“This is Herbert hanging on the patio with my three other little dogs. He is from a rescue in Southern Missouri. He is the sweetest little dog, and a very good Baroo-er. Hope you love him as much as I do!” -Pugs4me.

[Oh, we do. We do! -Ed]



  1. Oops, yes, now I see the title of the pic. Sorry, you can delete my message if you want.

  2. nicefrenchgurl says:

    I have a pekingese, a stray found running on a busy road, and she looks so much like this pug. What kind of breed is it?

  3. This is a Pekingese with a haircut. Not a pug.

  4. Best. Baroo. EVER!! And as an added bonus, his name is Herbert. Doesn’t get any better than that. :)

  5. Perfect angle on that baroo. Also, great URL.

  6. Epic Baroo.

  7. Noun: Barooer. Ahh, luv the ahdorabuhl languages.


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