Your Steak Wants Dog

“Uh, look, Elsie… you’re a sweet kid and all, but you’re coming on a little strong for me, so I’ll just — Whoa! Did you feel that? Did somebody just let a snake in here?!”


  1. Rescue Gal says:

    NOT A STEAK!! Cows are gentle, beautiful creatures.

  2. phred's Mom says:

    I’ve known a couple of cows
    that were neither.

  3. Who said steak? I think it was snake. BTW, cow breath is pretty potent.

  4. The cow’s name is Jean…Simmons.

  5. phred's Mom says:

    Nope, her name is Miley.

  6. Ha! :)

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  8. Dog – Interspecies snorgling? DO NOT WANT!!!??

  9. Hold on a second there cowgirl I’m not that kind of dog…

  10. Just a sweet ol’ cow wanting to mother the puppeh!

  11. hey, that dog has a cowlick!

  12. *groan followed by clapping*

  13. Maybe he prefers blondes over brunettes?

  14. well that escalated quickly!

  15. “‘Smatter, don’t you like beef tongue?”

  16. poor babies. they are so sweet.


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