Winter Leaving You in the Dark?

Time for a little enlightenment. Like extra marshmallows in your cocoa, these sweeties brighten up any darkness.

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Milo Meets World
Bunny via Reddit. And, 100% Care-Free (And Nose-free)
Tumblr kitteh from SpoopyGrrrrl.
“Roxie”. From Janny B.



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  2. Good advice – move to FL… Here in lovely mid MI, we’ve still got thousands of people without power from the severe ice storm last Saturday night. I never lost power, so am extremely grateful! These little marshmallows would be welcome at my home anytime!

  3. I am so glad to hear that you and your dear sweet black kitties (House Panthers) are okay, ceejoe 😀 I would take the white kitty 😀

  4. Baby bun profile…I iz toast.