THIS JUST IN: Maru Leaps 2 New Heights

Look how tall this first box is. Look how short & squat The Rotund One is.

(You can imagine where this is headed.)

And don’t miss Hana getting loopy while The Circle sits placidly in his box.

And look! An actual speck of….SOMETHING….on Mugumogu’s floor. Unreal!




  1. I love this cat so much!

  2. Tony James says:

    “…and here we see the famed Box of Zen. The box was created by craftsmen working for Emperor Mah-Ru during the 3rd Sproing Dynasty, and designed to be harmonious with the Four Fundamentals Tenets of Zen Buddhism. The Emperor would sit in the box in order to meditate – disordered and chaotic thoughts are prevented from entering, and thus Mah-Ru was able to focus his mind without distraction from the spirit Ha-Na, which in Buddhist philosophy means “irksome stripy sprite who doesn’t ‘get’ boxes.”

  3. Applauds Mr. James.

  4. Maru’s tail = best toy EVER!

  5. Waving my pom poms and dancing madly for Mr. James!

    I love these two. The look on Maru’s face while Hana is batting his tail around is priceless.

  6. Is it possible for another kitten to find herself in a better home, with a better big brother than Maru? I think not. Every kitten should come with a Maru.

  7. Glad they always have so much fun together :3 ❤

  8. The Original Jane says:

    Item on floor…hmmm…

    1) packing peanut from boxes
    2) one kitty kibble piece brought in by Hana (who doesn’t know better yet)
    3) hoomin placed item on floor to help the rest of us feel less inadequate

    I vote for #3!

  9. A piece of something on the floor! AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! Her house is always immaculate, I’m surprised she filmed with that on the floor. Cool, she’s laid back. Well sort of. I’ve said before she’d run screaming from my house.

  10. Erm… uh…sometimes I think Maru is short tail compensating…..with all his jumping in and out of really tall boxes. Just sayin…

  11. Happy Boxing Day from Maru (and Hana)!

  12. Maru’s owner has been writing weekly articles on another Japanese site. Here’s her entry on Hana, translated:

    Always jogging about, often making “pya-pya-” noises. Rather cowardly and wary. Very spoiled, and extremely clingy. Maru doesn’t particularly care for her clinginess, and occasionally will get angry when she overdoes it. Has a determined, even stubborn attitude.

    When Hana arrived we thought she would be gentle and quiet, but she was hiding her claws. Prone to wild mood swings, she’s completely uncontrollable when she’s in high spirits. She will repeatly try and fail to jump onto high places, and careen around the house like a rocket, mewing with curiosity. Even someone like Maru gets sucked into it.

    Hana is not very skilled at drinking water. At first we were worried about her health seeing her doing nothing but lapping water for long stretches, but closer examination revealed that her tongue was only touching the water about 1 time out of 5, so she simply wasn’t taking it in. Hopefully she can learn from watching Maru.

    Some people have written emails such as “I’m worried that Hana is still so small. Or is it that Maru has gotten huge?” Rest assured that Hana is growing at a normal rate, and Maru has certainly not ballooned in weight. The blog pictures were not posted when they were taken, and we will try to get them up to date.

  13. One internet for Mr. James, please!

  14. Cambridge Rat Mom says:


  15. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    That “something” on the floor must be cat food. It can’t be dust or anything like that.

  16. phred's mom says:

    She is so considerate.
    I feel so much better now.

  17. Not_That_Steph says:

    I’m going to guess that is a dingle berry on the floor. My cats leave those every once in a while.

  18. Is that like, poop?

  19. What site is that she is writing on?

  20. I listed the sites in a later comment, but it appears to be awaiting moderation.

  21. Yes. Yes it is. When my cat leaves one he runs around the apartment like a maniac as a warning that something is amiss.

  22. I’m curious about what Mugumogu thinks of us trying to spot dirt on her floors…is she amused?…disgusted? Just wondering…

    P.S. KNEW Maru would conquer that tall box!

  23. *clapping heartily* 😆

  24. Rescue Gal says:

    Hehe- Everyone owned by cats knows dingleberries! 😀

  25. Epic awwwwdorbs at 1:27!!! Hana IS learning the way of the box!

  26. Huzzah to Mr. James!

  27. “Prone to wild mood swings, she’s completely uncontrollable when she’s in high spirits. She will repeatly try and fail to jump onto high places, and careen around the house like a rocket, mewing with curiosity.”

    Sounds like normal kitten behavior to me…. 🙂

  28. So true! 😀

  29. I didn’t know you called ’em dingleberries, but yes I am unfortunately aware of the phenom. of which you speak. One of my kittehs has an extra floofy butt and tailio and is often gettin the biz stuck in it, then grooms it out and leaves a “dingleberry” for my perusal and delight. Can’t wait to clean those up.

  30. Every home should come with a Maru!

  31. Exactly! When I read “we thought she would be gentle and quiet” I thought, “Have you ever SEEN a kitten before?”

  32. That speck? Totally ‘shopped.

  33. My hubby always called them “dagoes”, because where ever the critter goes, “dagoe” too! but I think dingleberries suits, as well. I have also heard them called “kling-ons”. lol

  34. 😆 Looks like Hana is learning from Maru how to get into boxes 😆

  35. You’re a boxaholic, Maru. Maru, please … call that place.

  36. Having stayed in a Japanese hotel once, and being (somewhat) knowledgeable about the size of apartments in Japan, I wonder how Mugumogu gets so many boxes? If she’s ordering items online, where does she put them? She should have run out of space years ago. It seems Maru is in a new box at every video.