Twelve Days Of Milo: Christmas Morning!

It’s Christmas morning, Milo! Wake up! What did Santa bring? (P.S.- keep watching after the “squeak!”)

Many thanks to Milo’s hoomin!



  1. kibblenibble says:

    The pajamas keel me. Loff!

  2. Oh Milo… you are so precious, and while your interest in the sneakers may be high, something tells me when your humans put them on you, you will be less than pleased. Now if only I opened a box under my Hannukkah tree and found a gift as delightful as you…

  3. Milo in jammies is just the icing on the Christmas cake. Happy holidays, little friend.

  4. Milo in Jammies? There’s my present from Santa right there! Merry Hogswatch one and all…………..

  5. sabrina rose says:

    Such a darling little dog! Wish I would find a fluffy PJ-wearing puppy under my tree! Merry Christmas, Milo, and thank you for all the joy you bring.

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