Merry Christmas (Woody Is Grumpy)

This is Woody. He works at Tumblr. Woody is grumpy.

This is why Woody is grumpy.




  1. oohhjsah booohjsah, little squishy pooch.

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Woody has eyebrow dashes, as opposed to eyebrow dots. That is what makes him look grumpy. Being wrapped up in lights is merely a contributing factor. 🙂

  3. sabrina rose says:

    Aww, cold little puppy sitting in the snow! You come over to my house and I’ll give you a teaspoon of brandy poured over a sugar lump. It does wonders for frozen toes and grumpy attitudes!

  4. What about a cold little moderator in the snow? I’d be willing to scamper a little.

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  6. Woody is adorabs!!!!

    Now we haz Grumpy Cat AND Grumpy Doggie!!

    Ever since I have seen this petition I am feeling uneasy about these kind of pictures.

  8. michelle b adams says:

    Is this petition based on facts? It is not necessary to bind an animal for hours to test the safety of Christmas lights! Having said that, what is shown on cute overload is clearly not harmful/restricting breathing/denying a companion animal of food or water.

  9. Jenny Islander says:

    I dunno, I think the first picture looks plenty grumpy from the posture alone. Like, “Okay, OKAY, you plopped me down out here to take a picture by natural light, whatEVs, get it OVER with, my BUTT IS COLD.”

  10. @ Michael, I tried to find out if the petition was a hoax but couldnt. And even though the pics on CO are taken under different circumstances, I find the idea that elsewhere this might be dead serious rather unsettling.