I Could Slobber At ANY Moment

“This is our Newfoundland Bodhi, posing for our Christmas card photo this year! He would like to wish all your Cute Overload readers a very Happy Holiday!” -Tracy R.



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  2. O M G to infinity….

    most adorable big ol dog EVAH



  3. Mary (the first) says:

    He doesn’t look very happy …

  4. What a handsome guy!

  5. emmberrann says:

    Happy Christmas, Ms. Birfle! Ain’t seen ya in a spell, hopin’ y’all’s well. And all’s swell, of course.

  6. Love his name!

  7. He’s the cutest bundle of brown fluff, I want to make a giant cup of hot cocoa with him, no sugar needed, he looks pretty darn sweet!!

  8. haha I can picture great strings of slobber. Flying around. Like tinsel!