He Was Here! He Was Here!

Looks like Santa has already visited BatWorld.org in Mineral Wells, Texas…headed off to parts unknown.



  1. BatBlaster says:

    Judging by the looks on the flying foxes faces, he left fruit.

  2. Wot fruit bat? Eric the fruit bat.

  3. I suddenly really want a bat to live in my Christmas tree.

  4. I would love bats to live in my yard! Though, they wouldn’t be flying foxes, of course–darn! But, I do so want some bug-eating McBattersons to hang out at my place!
    Merry Christmas, Bat World!

  5. Yea! Christmas Bats! Bats are cool!

  6. I just noticed all the glowing eyes in the background!

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    Almost better than Christmas lights! (I hadn’t noticed them till you mentioned it!)

  8. BatBlaster says:

    I only started noticing them once it was pointed out, but t does make sense. Flash photography + a whole lotta bats in the room = eyeshine.

  9. Smartypants says:

    Adorable – love me some bats!

    I wonder if they will play with the packaging like cats – the one on the left seems to be nomming the tissue paper.

  10. Either that or just mouth-grabbing it in. Cats and babies though do like to play with the packaging more than the toy. And thats adorable.

  11. Merry Christmas, Bat World! :D

  12. I’ve felt privileged to be able to donate to these little guys. They really are quite adorable.

  13. I’m thinking that hanging the mistletoe’s more complicated at Batworld.

    I want to buy a bunch of bananas and strawberries for these guys.

  14. BatBlaster says:

    I guess you have to either hang something the bats won’t try to eat, or somethig safe for them to eat. Anyway, how much money would I have to donate for them to get that.


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