Merry Maru-Mas

His Thickness and Assistant Hana would like to wish everyone a very Merry Maru-Mas!

And here’s an Encore Presentayshe of last year’s video greeting.


  1. I loff this cat.

  2. I loff this cat.

  3. Definitely worth saying twice!

  4. It was an accident, but you’re right!

  5. There’s a new Christmas post on Mugumogu’s blog :D

  6. Hana’s gotten so big! They’re a lovely pair.

  7. In that “Merry Christmas” photo she looks huge! Love these guys!

  8. This guy sooooo cracks me UP. I loff him, too. His owner must have to put a gag in her mouth to not be bursting out laughing all the time!! I don’t know how she does it…

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    He’s gonna destroy that toy the first day!

  10. Actually, it seems to be holding up pretty well! I love when Maru drags it to his lair (box) and you can hear it still whapping around!

  11. That’s last year’s present.

  12. I need this toy asap

  13. New Maru video >:3

  14. AWW :D Merry Christmas Maru and Hana and their nice owner :D


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