He’s Gonna Come Outta The FIREPLACE?

[How can he do that Daisy, there’s a fire there.]
[Dunno Coco. But that’s what they say.]
[Hoomins. I don’t buy it. We gonna stay here all night.]

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“My mom recently adopted two kitten sisters, Coco & Daisy. They’re little bundles of joy and they’ve discovered the Christmas tree! They look like little ornaments in one of the pictures.” -Ted S.



  1. How lovely!! Hope you have a beautiful day and wonderful holiday season!! 🙂

  2. Watch out lil ones, like the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat! I say go to sleep and think of happy thoughts of Christmas morning!

  3. Smartypants says:

    Aren’t they beautiful! Congratulations, Ted’s Mom, on these additions to your household.

  4. AWW 😀 Congratulations to Ted’s Mom on the adoptions of dear sweet Coco and Daisy 😀 I hope your Mom has many long and happy years with dear sweet Coco and Daisy, Ted S. 😀

  5. Clairdelune says:

    Adorable balls of fluff, and those little ears!! Lucky Ted’s Mom. Merry Christmas!