Dahns of zay Sugar Plum Furry

Sit back and enjoy, while visions of Kodi the kitten dance through your head.

Fave Ballet Frames:

tiny dancer

tiny dancer 2
Via Sho Ko on YouTube.



  1. either that cat is trying to dance or he is attacking imaginary mice, or both. I want to dance, no I want to attack mice, no I feel like dancing I feel like attacking mice,lol

  2. Rescue Gal says:

    Guest appearances by Shorty and Dad.

  3. Who needs TV with a cat like this one? NO ONE!

  4. That had to have been some particularly good nip.

  5. I love when cats do that sideways-puff-yourself-up-walk and this guy is an expert! Sometimes it appears that he has a very good imagination–or it’s itsy-bitsy bugs? So funny!

  6. Cats must have the best imaginations in the whole world.

  7. Honestly, until I saw him walk normally in the video’s last seconds, I thought there was something wrong with him …

  8. I would never do anything except watch this kitten if I lived with him. What a silly little fellow!

  9. So light on his feet! Natural born dancer!

  10. And henceforth the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy shall also be known as the Crazy Cat Crab Dance (with optional extra poofy tail).

  11. I second that, sugitomo 😀