Bet You Didn’t Expect… see ME under the tree tonight! MWAH HA HA HA HA!

“Here is Pyxie as her favorite reindeer, Prancer. Pyxie is a Chinese Water Dragon, and the photo was taken by me. I hope you enjoy our holiday cheer!” -Anna Marie R.



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  2. She’s really photogenic isn’t she.

  3. BatBlaster says:

    Not sure about lizards, but I do like video games as much as whoever owns that tree. Like how this holiday season, all kinds of animals are being represented here.

  4. Our christmas tree has a pokeball, the Death Star and Cthulhu 🙂

    And, to my surprise, neither our cats nor our dog has even tried to wreck the tree! I s’pose one space station with immense firepower is enough to protect it…

  5. Smartypants says:

    She is lovely! Maybe she can come visit my house for New Year’s. Great pic, Anna Marie.

  6. Anna-Marie says:

    Thank you for posting my photo, CO!
    Pyxie is quite the diva and always seems to pose for photos; she knows she’s gorgeous. We get more video game ornaments every year (soon we’ll need a bigger tree)!
    Happy Holidays!! =)

  7. love the video game ornaments! I’ve got a few of those myself.

  8. Is it me or is she a little gloating about her headpiece?

  9. lyzzstewartz says:

    I love the sentiment with the caption on the photo but water dragons (or water agamas as they are known other places) don’t flick their tongues. That is primarily the monitor species and snakes. The only time you’ll see their tongues is when they are eating…..