THIS JUST IN: Teddy Bear’s Christmas Treat (Updated!)

Santa Claus has delivered an early Christmas treat for everyone’s favorite talking porcupine.

Here’s a behind the scenes look, too:

And here’s an Encore Presentayshe of TB also in Christmas Mode:


You asked for a Teddy Bear ring tone for your phone- get it here! Just clickee the link for the MP3.

Teddy Bear Ring Tone



  1. Served in a sterling silver covered dish, no less!

  2. I don’t think Teddy likes to be disturbed while he eats his corn. Sounded a little perturbed starting at about the 0:40 mark. And I could have sworn I heard him say “hands off!” to the lady touching his corn.

  3. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit from Teddy Bear. Man, I love that little guy! 🙂

  4. Did I hear him say, “Put it back!”?

  5. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Love your orange little rodent teeth!

    (BTW: that’s the color they should be. If they were white, like ours, they wouldn’t be healthy.)

  6. So elegant. So refined. Teddy is one up-scale rodent!

  7. I’ll just leave this here:

  8. That just made my day! I may or may not have watch it more than 5 times! You are the cutest thing alive Teddy I wish I could shake your little porcupine paw and make your little Merry Christmas voice my ringtone so I could hear it every day!!!

  9. That is what I was going to say. AT :48 he says “HANDS OFF”!

  10. U asked for it, U got it!

  11. Now I want corn.

  12. Now I want Teddy. 🙂

  13. Haha that’s so funny, because I could swear at that very moment he said “Santa!”

  14. “Long lay the world in corn and porcupining..

  15. Teddy seems to have become more tolerant of his keeper touching his food. I’m surprised she thinks he needs help eating corn on the cob, but she probably has good reason — maybe he usually leaves the kernels at the ends? (He needs corn cob holders.) But the behind-the-scenes was so touching! Teddy really IS just a big teddy bear. He wants so badly to cuddle. He doesn’t seem to have any idea he’s sharp all over. I wish she could dress in riding leathers and gloves and just cuddle the heck out of him.

  16. Very good.