Theo -N- Thea’s Christmas In NYC

Cuteporter Wendy M. found this paws-itively stunning video- enjoy!

YouTuber Shinkoruri posted this amazing clip. More on these guys here.



  1. This lovely gentleman clearly belongs in the Men of Cute Overload Calendar!

  2. I second that! Such a wonderful man and his kittehs are adorable.

    Where oh where can I get tiny felted versions of my own kittehs?

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Thirded. So sweet.

  4. Love him! and his sweet kitties!

  5. Oh that was lovely. So so sweet.

  6. I am so glad I’m not the only one crazy enough to let my cats walk all over the counters while I’m cooking! Love this guy, his cats and the vid. ❤

  7. Awesome dad!! This makes me very happy. 🙂

  8. Fourth 😀 AWW 😀 Adorable kittehs and their wonderful guy 😀

  9. ❤ Of course, you have to let your kitties walk all over your counters while you are cooking ❤ Your kitties want to know what you are making and if they can have some of the food after you have finished cooking it, sugitomo ❤

  10. I think every pet owner should have a tiny stuff toy version of each of their animal pals, so that when the humans have to go somewhere and they cannot bring their furry friends along, they can bring along the tiny toy versions and take pictures!

  11. i like how the plushie Theo kitty is holding a Theo brand chocolate bar.

  12. phred's mom says:

    And he cooks, too!
    My kinda guy.
    Definitely calendar

  13. I love how the traditional holiday food is served Japanese-style. Much smaller portions than the usual Western gut-busting ones!

    And I have to hand it to his optimistic outlook in combining those lively kitties with glass ornaments and a tabletop tree. I hope the little owl lasts through Christmas Eve.

  14. I like it! 🙂

  15. Wow….I love EETTT! Sweet video, the music was perfect and the ending, well, perfect!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  16. jlamusings says:

    Adorabuhls! I also love how they give little kisses to their hoomin!

  17. Yes, the whole time I was thinking about how badly I want a teeny pocketsized and poopless version of my baby to bring with me everywhere!!

  18. I like how he has a conversation with them while he cooks. 🙂

  19. three questions:
    1. is this dude single?
    2. is he into gals?
    3. is he into white, non-japanese speaking gals?

    the correct answers are yes, yes, and yes, please.

  20. Sure … But somehow I cannot stop thinking that if this video would have been with a woman everybody would be like ‘Meh, ANOTHER crazy cat lady’ …
    And I admire the spirit of putting up christmas ornaments in spite of kittehs… This year, I finally gave up and had the stuff stay in the basement, because my new kitten is such a master of destruction like no one before.

  21. You’d probably have to compromise at least with the language.
    Just think of it this way: Both of you knowing japanese means you can have a big family conversation with your cats. 🐱

  22. Of course! I agree with Teresa, they need to see what you are doing and if you are doing it right (“Did you put in enough pepper? What about the garlic, is is sauteed enough? You should’ve cut those onions a little more finely”).

  23. Clairdelune says:

    Any guy who loves his kittehs and is not afraid to show it, and the gentle manner he uses with them, is a wonder to behold!! And his kittehs are just purrfection.
    P.S. Even in New York, a Japanese house is going to have spotless everything… I wish I had that magic touch. 😦

  24. Cute guy, cute cats…MORE CUTE “MEN OF CO” CALENDARS.

  25. Also also does he sell any kitteh ornaments? I would wear them as earrings.