That’s Far Enough, Kid

How many times I gotta tell you, don’t talk to strange camera operators!

“I just thought the peeps of CO would love to see this mama wolf with her kitten,” writes Ginette C.



  1. That’s it. Stop the internet. I’m ded!

  2. What’s the story????

  3. Too…adorable…can’t…function…*thud*

  4. Marie Janes says:

    That looks like a Siberian Husky, not a wolf. Wolves are huge.

  5. Huh? How? Who? Where? *thud*

  6. Dewd, do NOT challenge a wolf with parental pangs. Just don’t.

  7. I always order Siamese take-out…

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, good idea at the end to stop filming when the wolf/husky decides you’re close enough.

  9. Yep, and even if there might be wolf midgets, this lady does not look or behave like a wolf. Somehow I do not imagine filming a real wolf while being IN the cage with her.

    But isn’t this a grumpy looking kitty?

  10. Animals never cease to amaze. Also, moms are moms the world over.

  11. Wait, don’t leave before lunch is over.

  12. Okay, CO researchers, get busy and let us know the back story!

  13. Perhaps kitteh is grumpy cos she’s being dragged around by a dog/wolf!

  14. Thanks for posting my find, when I came across it I just knew CO peeps would love it.

  15. Definitely not a wolf. Maybe the title just means the dog’s name is Wolf?

  16. Mingles' Mommy says:

    “How many times have I told you not to wander off???”

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Do not swing your baby to and fro. It’s bad form!

  18. I’ve volunteered at a wolf sanctuary, and the wolves were more curious than territorial. One of them even snuck up on another volunteer while he was repairing a fence and stole his mitten off the ground. I doubt they’d react badly to being filmed. I’d actually believe the kitten-adopting, too, after seeing so many other unlikely interspecies friendships!

    Though, I agree that the animal in the video doesn’t look like a wolf. Not large enough, and the fur, muzzle and ears all seem more dog-like, in my opinion.

  19. Classic! 🙂

  20. kittykat416 says:

    “Dis is my kitteh. Git your own.”

  21. Absolutely!!! Have to kow.

  22. Same here 😀 That is a husky not a wolf 😀 He or she thinks that dear sweet little boy or girl kitty is his or her baby 😀

  23. Jenniffer says:

    She actually looks like a wolf cross. And not all wolves are huge. Worked with Gray Wolves and crosses for ten years. 🙂