Rendeer Boots, People! Reindeer Boots!!!

“This is our 6 year Pekingese Shea who just loves Christmas! This year I bought him a new holiday sweater and fancy collar, but my co-worker bought him some nifty Rudolph boots and thank goodness she did. Thank you for your wonderful site.” -Suzanne L.



  1. Oh.



  2. kibblenibble says:

    Shea is all decked out! What a patient little sweetheart. I hope Santa brings him everything that he wants.

  3. Not sure about “just loves Christmas” tough… From the picture, Shea seems rather ambivalent, at best, about the whole thing… 🙂

  4. Brain. Cannot. Handle.
    Too. Cute.


  5. DITTO!

  6. Brain ‘splodie . . . . .

  7. Those slippers are killingme.