Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

Hello there! Tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho! Santa will give you whatever you want. But I, er I mean Santa, must get cookies and milk. Ho Ho Ho!

“Lola Mae is no too pleased with her Santa outfit but her mommy, Bonnie B. snapped the picture anyway. Merry Christmas to my little “Humbug”, Lola.”



  1. Oh, that’s adorable. Such a cutie.
    My cats wouldn’t even agree to wear a bow, I know.
    I would not even think about trying to put them in Santa suits!
    It wouldn’t end well….

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  3. Love the sleeves.

  4. The Bostonians wish you a Merry!

  5. I know right? I shudder to think what would happen if I tried that with my cats! Maybe Lola Mae’s mommy should show Lola Mae so she knows just how adorable she looks…maybe then she would be onboard with the Santa outfit! 🙂