Fire Crew to the Rescue

We all know how brave firefighters are. Being a firefighter is all about the very hard work of dealing with incredibly difficult hazards, danger and, omgkittens!!!!1!!111!!!11!!!!

Via YouTube. (By the way! While we’re waiting for that Men of CO calendar, we should get us a Men of CO tag!)



  1. Thankful for the rescue! Also: sweet firehouse goggie.

  2. YES on the Men of CO tag!!!!

    And super duper Awwwwww!!!

    And here’s the slideshow the anchor talks about:

  3. I second the Men of CO tag!

    Kittehs are adorabuhls, fire-house pitty is so sweet I’m going into sugar-shock, and firemen are hot and wonderful and totally AWESOME!

  4. I third the men of CO tag (cos ya know we’re never gonna get that calendar, right?) 🙂 Kudos to firemen and kittehs!

  5. And offers of loving homes for the kittens and the firemen come pouring in…

  6. For the guys, there’s “pediatric nurses who bow hunt, love football and brew their own beer” and for the ladies” “Firemen who rescue kittens.”

  7. That dog looks and acts so much like my mother’s dog, Olive, who passed away last year. Olive just LOVED her two kitty brothers, and they could do anything they wanted to her–even steal her food out of her dish while she was eating and bat it around the kitchen floor. Olive wouldn’t eat the stolen kibble until the kittens were done playing with it. Such a sweet girl….

    Love this story, and thank you to firefighters everywhere for doing their incredibly hard jobs with so much compassion!

  8. Red Paw Emergency Relief Team does this every day in Philadelphia. Check out our web site to read more stories of heroic fire rescues at

  9. Men of CO calendar AND tag, please. 🙂

  10. Hanna-Barbera-Muttley-laugh-wheeze!

  11. I already have two kitties, but I will take one fireman to go, please.

  12. Nicefrenchgurl says:

    Why do all the cute and kind-hearted guys seem to be married and in an English-speaking country? French guys are such a jke

  13. phred's mom says:

    . . .and I’ll have the other, please.
    Firefighter. Erm, kitteh.

  14. Such a sweet, touching story but I’ve come to expect nothing less from firefighters – they have always been my heroes. And I used to live in Winooski! 🙂

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  16. Every day should include a story about good men and kittens.

  17. I meow that!

  18. I am allergic to cats but….I’d take that little smoky black one curled up on the gentleman’s neck. A kitty that adorable and cuddly would be worth the antihistamines I’d go through.

  19. AWW 😀 I hope those two dear sweet kitties find their owner or go together to a new loving forever home 😀 Thank you so much, brave firefighters 😀