The First Noel

Only three dayz before Christmas, and this is the last chance we’ve got 2 show ya some Holiday Bunz! “This is Noel! She came into our rescue Bandaids for Bunnies with Coccidia,” says Cuteporter Krystal.

“She lost 2 of her siblings a few days after they were found. She was found in a field in the freezing cold. Her mother was a dumped pet.”

“Sadly we have hundreds of pet rabbits and their offspring roaming the streets here in Richmond BC.”

“Many do not make it, so Noel was very lucky to have someone find her when she was just a week or two old as she most likely would not have survived the winter.”

“Noel is now very happy here at Bandaids for Bunnies and took part in our Christmas photo shoot with Christopher Orr our amazing photographer!”

“We are doing a Rabvent calender this year on our Facebook page posting pictures of our rabbits daily!”

“You can keep your eyes out for this cutie on December 24 :).”




  1. Noel is a sweetie! Oh so cute!

  2. Such a little sweetie! What a perfect gift in the Christmas stocking.

  3. phred's mom says:

    She sure is a cutie! And lucky you
    got her. Please try to keep her away
    from electric wires of any sort. Bunrabs
    I have known went right for them with
    unpleasant consequences
    for both bun and attached electrical
    thingy. Nothing fatal, thank goodness.
    Guinea piggies, too. Any rodent.

  4. The last pic! The fuzzy bunny ‘tocks! I loves dem! *faint*

  5. I wish I lived even sorta close to BC! WANT that bun!! *Smooch!*

  6. whawhawhatsis says:

    What a precious and totally lucky bun-bun to have such loving humans rescue her from a possible cruel fate!

  7. *nods* lucky baby.
    Our small local shelter in Chicago has taken in 46 buns since Easter that were found outside by our volunteers and friends – that’s not counting the ones we get in from other rescues or ACC. A few weeks ago, we even found a blind bun who had been dumped in an alley. Who dumps a blind bun?

    At least this little one is safe. Coccidia can be rough on the youngest ones.

  8. Someone dumped a blind bun? What the F is wrong with some people??!! I don’t know how they can live with themselves.

    Merry Christmas, Noel. I hope you find your forever home very, very soon.

  9. Bunz are not rodents, but lagomorphs. Just sayin’. =:}

  10. phred's mom says:

    Whatever they are classified as,
    buns will chew electrical wires
    with predictabe results. Thank
    you for the correction.

  11. phred's mom says:

    They used to be classified as rodents,
    by the by, back when I was in school
    during the Pleistocene. Those were
    the days.

  12. phred's mom says:

    How could any kind of human being
    dump a blind creature?!? Despicable.

  13. Hey, was mom ok? I’m glad to see that there are poeple taking care of these sweet guys but frankly, we shouldn;t have them.

    There shouldn’t be that many dumped bunnies. Especially blind or pregnant ones. Come on people!

  14. So cute!! I can’t believe anyone would dump such sweet animals 😦

  15. Fear not Dog Lover, I truly believe that God evens out that score!!! 😉

  16. what an adorable little guy!!

  17. phred's mom says:

    I sure hope you are right.
    Sometimes it looks like G-d
    has a lot of catch-up to play.