How’s Your Tree, Dustie?

Cuteporter Natalie W. sent these Prosh Bunday Pix in: “This is our Super Cute Angora Bun, Dustie! She is so sweet and really loves to be under the Christmas tree.”

“Her love for the tree led us to buy that hideous tree skirt since she will inevitably destroy it by Christmas!”

“I found two more broken ornaments on the ground today and suddenly she was all, ‘Look at me I’m in the carriage now, lookin all cute go get your camera!'”


“Then when we try to get her out she hides.”

“I am sending a few pics of her hiding and looking all stupid cute under the tree with her collection of hoarded ornaments!”




  1. what a cute lil bun-bun

  2. OMG – the carriage! I can’t bear it, I don’t know how I will function the rest of the day.

  3. Bunnies love pine I guess.I left my juniper bonsai outside overnight in the summer,and the wild rabbits inhabiting the area,nibbled the freak out of it.

  4. My first bunny considered the Christmas tree HERS. She practically lived under it. First…we had to stop hanging chewable ornaments on the lower branches. Then…we had to stop putting gifts under the tree early (boy, did THAT irritate the rest of the family!) She would chew on any branches she could reach and shake the tree so hard we thought it would fall over! (My pics are over 20 yrs. old so I don’t know how to submit them.)

  5. Who new that bun-buns can destroy a Christmas tree as effectively as a cat–and without even being able to climb it!

    I love that Dustie hoards the ornaments.

  6. The one where she peeks out from the carriage in all her floofiness is adorbs!

  7. I know, I know! I think Dustie is a new star on CO. In fact, I am not aware of any bun-stars on CO. There have been regularly featured cats and dogs, so I think the bun’s time has come.

  8. Dustie has my vote for new CO star. She’s gorgeous and she has personality plus! 🙂

  9. sabrina rose says:

    Definitely! So fluffy, yet dainty. And her little carriage adds the perfect touch!

  10. Adorbs! Please do be aware, though, that buns are notorious for chewing electrical cords, and all those nummy little light cords put them in serious danger of electrocution, and damaged cords can start a fire. I’d be wary, too, of shards of broken glass ornaments damaging mouth, gut, or paws.

    One might want to leave the lower two or three feet unlit, and make that a zone with rabbit-safe ornaments. Note, too, that if bun chews on evergreen needles (which apparently are quite a treat), it may turn her urine bright orange, which I understand is harmless.

    Or enjoy what we finally discovered: a shiny metal pen surrounding the tree and gifts (not the bunny!) is really quite festive!

    Said in love and caring, not in criticism.
    Merry Frithmas to all!

  11. What is it with people naming their rabbits Dustie lately?

    I love the misdirection – Don’t look at the broken ornaments beind the curtain, look at me!

  12. Gonna have to put some bunny friendly ornaments at the bottom of the tree for hoarding purposes. :0) what a cutie!!