Bad Hare Day

Such a serious case of bedhead obviously requires professional help!

“This is our new sweet lionhead bunny, Fifi, or Dusty the Dust Bunny. My girls have already started dressing her up!” -Natalie W.



  1. The little girl is as cute as the bunny and Fifi SO looks like a dust bunny. I want cuddlefuddle da bunneh!

  2. I think your rabbit has melted! XP

  3. Want to squish the bunny cheeks!!

  4. I am impressed that the bow is actually tied around a clump of fur! What a patient bun! Boop on da gray nosicle! 🙂

  5. Awe Dustie loves that she was featured on her favorite website and loves to be groomed and decorated with bows, she’s very vain! And June was so excited to see her picture with the dustbun on Bunday CO!!! Thanks, CO for making our day once again!!!!! Merry Christmas and boop right back at you from Dustie, 6rabbits and thanks for the sweet compliment JenDeyan!!

  6. No amount of fluffing hides the look of disapproval, I saw it a mile away!.

  7. whawhawhatsis says:

    Tell June that I’m not sure who’s cuter, her or Dustie! I hope Dustie enjoys being dressed up as much as your kids enjoy dressing her. 😀

  8. I don’t see real disapproval.

    More sort of a “Eh, it’s a living”

  9. As adorable as Fifi is, I think June is even more beautiful. And you can tell she’s just as beautiful on the inside.

  10. That bunny nose!

    And your precious little girl. Way too much to adore here. 🙂

  11. I think somebody’s going to be very spoiled!!!

  12. I think the “cutemunity” of cute lovers in CO are the nicest people! I counted only 2 people smiling at the mall today! Christmas can be stressful! Thank you CO for the smiles today and thanks to all your very very sweet comments about the dustbunny and Junebug, she has a tender heart for all animals!!

  13. And you are obviously a good mom, Natalie!