Are U A Silly Puppeh?

Some puppehs really don’t like to take a bath. And then…there’s Gracie.

“I think Gracie could show the “non-swimming dog” how it’s done. I call this one ‘Lab Puppy + Tub = Fun!’ Every time we put Gracie in the tub for a bath she just has a complete blast. You can’t help but smile after seeing this one.” -Sue G.

[And doesn’t she say “Silly Puppeh” perfectly? Not Pupp-E…Puppeh. Textbook. -Ed]



  1. omg cute overload for sure!!! love it! so freaking cute.

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    Sheer delight – a bit like dancing as if nobody is watching – I will try this when I take my bath tonight instead of getting in gingerly and with decorum..

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  4. Silly puppehs are the BEST!!! So full of joy, so fun, so much to love. 🙂

  5. Silly puppy. You can’t dig through water!

  6. How many laps can a lab lap?