Poll: Sarah M. Needs A Kitteh Name STAT

“I’m adopting a black and white girl kitty in a few days, wanting to save a life for Christmas! I’m hoping for Cute Overload’s help in deciding on a name. I don’t have any photos, but here’s a cute black and white kitty photo for inspiration. This one looks very much like the kitty I’m adopting. Maybe you could make a poll with the following names? And people could give their own ideas?”

Absolutely-it’s time for a Caturday Poll! Sarah needs our help, everybody!


Update : Saturday 1pm PT
“Thursday” and “Lilly” are NECK and NECK!



  1. Domino

  2. Tony James says:

    Bob (short for Roberta) – Bob (the) Cat 🙂

  3. Pinot

  4. Sushi

  5. Waffles

  6. Pip, as in the dots on a domino.

  7. Second that!

  8. Sunshine Kukulcan says:

    Tupfen (means spot in German)..call her Tuppy

  9. Moo. As she’s a classic moo cow pattern… and it’s also good to have a short name you can easily croon. And she could even say her own name.

  10. i see her as a “stella”

  11. ying yang

  12. kibblenibble says:


  13. Zenith… like an old black-and-white TV.

  14. Stinky-Inky says:

    Cowbell, as in “I gotta have more cowbell, baby.” Cowbella, Cowzabell, CowzaWowza, Miss Bella, KittyCow, CowBelly, Smelly Belly, How Now Kitty Cow? etc., etc.

  15. Oreo?

  16. Holly? Or Ivy?

  17. Holly!! That’s my name even though I was born in August, but I always think it’s a great pet name, especially for a beautiful kitty that is being blessed with a home this time of year. Thanks for adopting!!

  18. Shamu. Shamooli-moo, Sham-wow, Shampoo, Moo, Shambles, Shampaign, Shamma-lamma, Shamulu.
    But, I voted for Snowbell!

  19. Beans

  20. How about Midnight?
    Sarah, I think you are getting yourself one of the best Christmas presents ever! 🙂

  21. Lucky. She is lucky to have been adopted by Sarah.

  22. This is the Christmas gift that will keep on giving! I voted for “Lilly” because I have a dog with that name – to me, the most beautiful name for the most beautiful girl. However, I also like Moo (credit to Christine Hintermeyer), Sham-wow (pyrit, you silly thang you!) or Penguin (and you could call her Penny).

    Whatever her name, she is one very lucky kitteh. Sarah, I know you will end up receiving far more than you give for many, many years to come. *hugs*

  23. Love Holly, but how about Mylan? Means “little flower” in Vietnamese.

  24. The institute for pet naming says:

    Lady Fuzzyboots!

  25. I’ll second shamu! perrrfect!

  26. Solstice. I know a solly-cat in my neighborhood, and she’s lovely. I wish you many joyous years together, you lucky pair.

  27. Honestly, what I do when naming a kitty is sit down with the kitty and a list of names, and I keep calling him/her different names until kitty responds. I say that’s the name kitty prefers (but maybe they’re just telling me to shut up). 😉

  28. How about Noël, since she’ll be your precious Christmas present for years to come. Noël is Christmas in French BTW.

  29. Moxie!

  30. Clairdelune says:

    You beat me to it!!! That’s the first I thought about.
    Next choice: Cookie – as in Cookies and Cream ice cream.

  31. Clairdelune says:

    Since she’s a girl cat, Noelle. Yep, I like it!!

  32. First name, Meowy, last name Christmas. You’re welcome!

  33. Nosey

  34. Pop Tart

  35. Magpie, for her colors. You could call her Maggie, or cutie-pie, or whatever you like.

  36. Sweatpea

  37. How about Checkers or Milkshake (black & whites are our favorite)… or Petunia Blossom? 🙂

  38. Sorry sweet pea

  39. Dorothy Purrker.

  40. Cookie

  41. Yes! That’s a great name for a kitty!

  42. Third that! Domino is a great name

  43. Shiraz (my second kitty – all black – is named Shiraz, though I sometimes call her Chérie, or Shiri-baby, or Sweetie, or Ouch-don’t-bite-me!)

  44. I Like Noel, too! Personally, I’d stay away from the obvious black and white names, like Oreo, and go with something that does not reference her color. Also like Holly, for this time of year, or Mistletoe, maybe? When you’ve interacted with her for a couple of days _she_ will let you know what her name is! thank you for adopting! 🙂

  45. I had a black & white kitty and named her “Stormy”

  46. My name, too, even tho I was born at Easter!

  47. Phantom or Harlie (short for Harlequin)…or Solstice.

  48. I was thinking Oreo, too! Although an alternative might be Hydrox if your tastebuds preferred the less-popular cousin to the Oreo.

  49. I like Lilly! We’ve always given our kitties human names.

  50. ♫♫Her name was Rio and she dances on the sand.♫♫

  51. Would you say the kitty is a tuxedo cat? If so, I always wanted a tuxedo cat that I would name Tennessee. Fifty Internet points to people who get the reference! 🙂

  52. And we’ve always given our dogs human names. Just works for us. 🙂

  53. How about Phantom (looks like the Phantom of the Opera mask).

  54. Terry the Teresa says:

    Definitly a “Smudge”. But I’m thinking Noelle is gonna be purrrfect!

  55. Yin-Yang
    Tuxie Trixie

  56. Tuxedo!

  57. Oreo !!!

  58. Pamela Woods says:


  59. Thursday, for sure. That way, if mom is the literary type, when Thursday is being a brat she cold say, ‘It’s Thursday isn’t it? Never could get the hang of Thursday.’ (via Douglas Adams)

  60. Emmie. Or Evie. Or Cookie.

  61. Or Lucy.

  62. Just as long as your children’s names aren’t “Rover” or “Fluffy”

  63. Smartypants says:

    I vote for Domino or Oreo (yes, I’m a traditionalist).

    Congrats on the wonderful addition to your household!

  64. Polly
    Just ’cause

  65. how about Comet or Blitzen??

  66. My daughter seems to end up riding a lot of horses with “human” names…Mike, Mickey, Tommy, and the thoroughbred we own is named Joey. Have had a lota fun with this over the years… like when I told people my 10 year old daughter was head over heels for a 15 year old named Mike…the quarter horse! lol. Btw, our current dog is named Ben. Not what we had thought to call him…but in the van on the way home, someone said, “BEN”, and we all said, yup, that’s it!

  67. i rescued a calico kitten years ago on a Sunday. Named her Lucky Sunday.

  68. Hannah. The kitty in the picture (yes, yes…not the same cat as is being adopted) looks like a Hannah.

  69. Phantom, because the face looks like the Phantom of the Opera.

  70. I like that…My cousin’s youngest daughter was born Dec. 30 and she is Noelle. 🙂

  71. Fleurdamour says:

    Tao, because she looks like the yin yang symbol. Maybe Tao Miaou?

  72. Tiptoe

  73. Yes!

  74. Holly!

  75. Mary (the first) says:

    I have a friend who named her cat Stella so she could stand out on the porch and holler “Stelllllaaaaa” like Stanley Kowalski (? the guy from Streetcar named Desire)

  76. 4leafclover says:

    Elise, after Für Elise (“fur” Elise).

  77. Truffle – as in the candy

  78. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep, me too, with one exception.

  79. Mary (the first) says:

    Hard to say without the *exact* kitteh photo. I voted for Penguin, aka Penny. “Lucky Penny”.

  80. With it being so close to Christmas, I recommend Natalie.

  81. Maybelline–like the eye makeup.

  82. My friends’ black-and-white cat is called Sushi. She is now 13 years old and regal!

  83. canadianmary says:

    Samantha, or Tabitha..both excellent, elegant, and possible to make shorter, names!

  84. Ursula.

  85. EXACTLY!!!!! 😉 heheheee

  86. Or “Great Expectations?”

  87. I think Domino would be nice. More about the type of Mask than the game, but that as well……….

  88. sriram raghuraman says:


  89. Sirius Black-White

    (I have a chubby feline Sirius Orange at home)

  90. The sure way to get 50+ posts.Ask people to name a kitty!

  91. Blossom.

  92. Domino, for sure!!!

  93. I’ve got a kitten similar to yours and I named it “Patchy” as it has many patches of black on white or white on black, depending on how you look at it :-).

  94. Sharon Wilson says:

    Midnight is a name for all-black cats!

  95. My rescue kitten was quickly named Nosey Parker. She goes by “Parker”(or sometimes Parkour, the sport obviously invented by kittens!)…and sometimes Esmerelda Thunderpants.

  96. You peeps always rock the names!
    With our combined forces we could be a CO New Pet Name Service!

  97. I like Noelle!

  98. Yes!

  99. sabrina rose says:

    Carol? (Kari?)

  100. SMUDGE!

  101. Tux(edo).

  102. YiYa..short for Ying Yang! 🙂

  103. I voted for Thursday because that’s adorable, but my husband and I had a tuxedo kitty named Jazz. Which lent itself to many nicknames, including Jazzy Bean the Kitty Queen and Jazzerina Ballerina.

  104. I totally agree with you. Why not something more interesting!

  105. Piper! Nickname? Easy! Pipes!

  106. Mercy. (Although I voted for Thursday; another literary reference, this one to Jasper Fforde’s character Thursday Next), Bless you both!

  107. Midnight next to a streetlight, then.

  108. ‘Sweetpea’ might be a bit better

  109. sorry, just saw this!


  110. MarvinKatt says:

    Isabeau…Izzy for short.

  111. susan maroni says:


  112. How about “Hello” Then she would be Hello kitty . When she hides & you can’t find her you could walk around doing the three stooges “hello” shtick. Or you could stand outside yelling “Hello kitty ” if you let her go outside.

  113. Or Chumley, perhaps, if it’s a chubby little thing with big teeth and likes fish a whole lot. And wears a hat.

  114. I have three black and white cats named Pussy Willow, Ceefer Cat and Smudge

  115. Yeah, I was thinking of a night with a full moon. 🙂

  116. Goo-gle


  118. Harlequin! Harli for short. 🙂

  119. errr Harle…sheesh.

  120. Another name I like is Guinevere, as in King Arthur’s Queen.

  121. My first kitty was black & white & I named her Chloe, so I like that name. But Oreo’s good, too!

  122. Good one!

  123. Oh, I like Thursday best too! But I also agree with the comment about – have her for a while, she’ll tell you what her name is. I got a black kitty on Craig’s list and was all set to call him Leo – he is so beautiful, short hair and regal looking. But after a week where he sampled all of my fancy food (liverwurst, daal, and bacon – cooked only!) his name is now Jacques, for Jacques Pepin and Jacques Torres. It’s perfect.

  124. Aida, or Isolde…not sure why either came to mind, but they did.

    Noelle is lovely, too!

  125. That reminds me of a cat I knew years ago. Her mother was a black cat named Midnight. So, when the neighbors brought home their tuxedo kitten, the cat who wasn’t as black as Midnight was named….
    11:30 !

  126. Love it!!!

  127. Noelle…it is Christmas after all!

  128. I found a kitten in my backyard on Christmas Eve once and named her Missie, short for Mistletoe.

  129. I think Lilly is a beautiful name.
    But you know that all cats are secretly royalty (as can be seen by their attitudes when being spoken to by the “staff”)

    Sooo… her True name would be Her Royal Highness Princess Lilly Boopnose!

  130. With a black and white costume like that, I’d call that kitty Harlequin…so elegant!

  131. Pat Steiner says:

    Petunia. Definitely a Petunia. But could be an Elizabeth–Lizzy for short.

  132. Born in August means conceived during the Christmas season 😉

  133. Christy, since you’re saving her at Christmas. And Christmas is about Christ. I also like Sushi and Noel.

  134. LOL!

  135. Barb and Paul says:

    Domino was our thought as well !

  136. Claudia. Get it? Claw – dia.

  137. Ugh, Lily/Lilly is one of the most common cat names. Why not get to know her before you choose a name? That said, I really like “Pip.” Cats like names with the “Eee” sound though–mine have included “Eli,” “Deanie,” and “Mimi.” How about “Natalie”?

  138. I was going to name my kitten Simon, but when I met him I realized his name was not Simon. Couldn’t find a name for a while, then my mother observed that he is very persistent when he wants something. Turns out his name is Percy (short for Kitty Persistent)!

  139. Panda

  140. I also like Peppermint, but I thought of Tuxedo Cake, “Cake” for short.

  141. Penelope. She could be your Lucky Penny!

  142. Minnow!

  143. tippy

  144. ZENITH! Brilliant! Can’t believe the CO peeps didn’t jump all over this one. It’s smart, but perhaps I’m too old at 45?

  145. sparkle as she will bring a sparkle to your Christmas.

  146. My black and white kitten is named Waffles – it’s a really great cat name. I would also submit Wonton, Dumpling, or Pierogie (doughy snacks make great kitty names).

  147. My comment from yesterday afternoon seems to have expired in the mod lounge. Dramatically, I hope, on an elegant chaise longue. Or maybe I just failed to log in to WordPress.

    Anyways, I want to join with the others lobbying for “Holly.” Not only because of the season, but also because her markings look like a Holstein cow (Holly cow?).

  148. Snoopy

  149. Panda? Joy?

  150. Joy. . . as in all that she will bring you.

  151. My 10 year old grandson and I think she should be “Half Moon”. Benny came up with it immediately and I love it too.

  152. Stardust

  153. How true!!!

  154. Not sure just why, but I think your cat should be named Licorice!

  155. How about Jingle

  156. Charlie Girl

  157. Good name, Oldcat 😀 I voted for Lily which could be her second name 😀

  158. AWW 😀 Congratulations on adopting a dear sweet kitty, Sarah M. 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with her 😀

  159. I am going to be 47 next on January 3rd and I remember the ZENITH TV, kimberlyepimbunny 😀

  160. (Shouldn’t the phrase “too old” send you to the mod lounge?)

    Everyone who remembers having/watching a black-and-white TV, hot cocoa’s ready in the lounge! With your choice of (alcoholic) flavorings. (If you don’t remember, no extra goodies for you!) 😛

  161. Shameel? Shamazel? Oh, wait, wrong earworm…..(and wrong post)

  162. Domino is a great name! Love it!

  163. Noelle – sweet and elegant. A perrfect name for a beautiful Christmas gift. 🙂

  164. Isn’t that a boy’s name?

    I vote for Molly!!!

  165. I had a fish named Sushi 🙂

  166. It took me two weeks to find the right name for my dog. I think “they” will let you know what it is….

  167. I agree! I also do NOT like Shamu. A pretty kitty needs a pretty name!

  168. *snort*

    My youngest kitteh’s nickname is sweetpea (her real name is Lola). But when she comes in the room and up to you chatting away, I can’t help but say, “Hello, sweetpea!”

  169. Just Blossom would be pretty!

  170. Shoot! I took a b/w TV to college in 1982! But I do remember when our family got our first color TV even tho I was very young…it was a big deal. Ready for that cocoa, now! :mrgreen:

  171. So explain, pleeze, the Easter thing? 🙂

  172. aesweeti85 says:

    Milagro – Spanish for “miracle”. You could call her “Mila” for short…

  173. “Thursty”

  174. “Why not get to know her before you choose a name?” totally!

  175. clawed

  176. Moo Kitty

  177. Koi. She reminds me of a Koi Fish or the Ying Yang symbol.

  178. Patricia Shapiro says:

    This kitty looks a LOT like my kitty – his name is Munchkin – or Munchie for short.

  179. I’m partial to Pixie May or Miranda Jane.

  180. Ms. Claws

  181. So, when will we be introduced to Sarah’s new kitty? 🙂