My Team Could Score. At. Any. Minute.

So what if I wear my cheerleader outfit around the house! I was born fashionably cheer-ful.

“Our new little cheerleader, Scarlet, looks a little apprehensive because she just found out that she will be at the top of the pyramid this week…!! Goooo Buckeyes!! O – H – I – O!!” -Kristin T.



  1. what a cutie. Love that side Princess Di look with classic Di eyes.

  2. Hate to be a downer here, but Go Green! My Spartans are going to the Rose Bowl, and I’m going with them!

  3. Here little ears look like pompoms — does that count?

  4. Mom: I’m sorry young lady but you are not going out looking like that! No, that dress is way too short. *Tsk tsk*

    Puppeh: But mom! It’s supposed to be like this!