Tree Lights On The Fritz?

Don’t worry! Cute Overload can send one of our TrainedTreeTechs™ to your house and troubleshoot your tree lighting problems instantly. Our guys go deep inside your tree and work the problem from the inside-out. We’re global, too. So whether you’re in Kansas or Kazakhstan, our Tactical Techies can reach your abode within 24 hours, guaranteed.

If they can’t fix it, tough luck, you’ll have a dark tree. Money back if not completely satisfied, so call NOW!




  1. Electrician cat is in your tree
    Watching you eating all the chocolate

  2. Precious….little kitty wants to help!

  3. Clairdelune says:

    It’s OK, thanks, I have my own in-house tree tech, very conscientious, inspects the tree and the lights every day and even nibbles on the branch tips to make sure it’s the best quality. Works for cookies and crackers, very inexpensive. 😀

  4. Finally, a technician I can understand and who understands me! Thanks CO 🙂

  5. I love the sparkly reflections in his eyes 🙂

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    Very cute, just in time for the warm and fuzzy holidays!

  7. AWW 😀 I would be very gently helping said kitty with the lights 😀 Then the kitty would get lots and lots of cuddling from me after some yummy kitty food and warm kitty milk as payment 😀

  8. liamandrews says:

    Guys, I hate to be a downer; these pictures are pretty but I’ve already heard several horror stories this year about pets being draped in Christmas lights and dying of electrocutions or being horribly burned. It can take just a single hard bite to a live wire to kill a pet, especially small ones. 😦

  9. A-Heeeem….Um….*raises finger to get CO’s attention*…Will any of the men of… know….the CO Calender be accompanying the TrainedTreeTechs™? I ask only for scientific reasons.

  10. Oooh, yes, excellent question! Just to, you know, hold the TrainedTreeTechs’™ tools…..

  11. Beautiful photo and gorgeous kitten.

  12. kibblenibble says:

    I would actually put up a tree if I knew that it might warrant a visit from a genuine man of CO.
    🙄 *sigh*

  13. This an all-time great cat shot. It looks like a beauty shot from a big budgeted science fiction movie. I love the color & the reflection in the kitty’s pupils.