Friday Haiku: Happy Holly-Daze

Small furry puppehs
All dressed up in Christmas stuff
They did not want to






Le Creditos~

1.) Photograph of Bentley by Kathleen P.
2.) Miko from Kate.
3.) Jackie by Paul C.
4.) Theodore Edward von Bearenstein (aka Teddy) -Sara L.
5.) From Reddit.
6.) Lucy & Leo from Erin E.



  1. If you look closely at the last one you can see the souls of dogs. Have a great holiday season!

  2. “They did not WANT to”???
    Number five must be saying,
    “See me!?! This is great!”

    I keep going back to look at him and he continues to make me smile!

  3. Come here, prosh doggehs.
    I will not make you wear hats…..
    I lied. Yes I will!!!

  4. Everyone thinks modelling
    Is glamorous
    But it’s really tough.

  5. Thank you, CO!! You made my day! R.I.P. my little baby boy.

  6. Do you mean ruff Sneza?

  7. Thank you, CO! You made my day! R.I.P. my little baby boy.

  8. YES!

    lol and cuffs own head

  9. Hi people, there was a petition on fb a few days ago to stop the testing of xmas lights on dogs in China. I couldnt decide whether that was a hoax or not. Anyone any ideas?