Flashback Friday

To Catch a Thief audition – take one! Kitty, you are to play the role of the thief. Aaand, action!

1954. “From photographs of actress Grace Kelly on the movie set of To Catch a Thief.” Photo by Robert Vose for Look magazine.


  1. Grace Kelleh *and* a TeenehTinehTabbeh? You have reached the end of the Innernetz, nothing more to see.

    We now return you to Mayberry RFD.

  2. AWW😀 I hope that dear sweet little kitty went to a loving forever home after that😀

  3. (but in point of fact I believe that Grace Kelleh never did a Regal Kitty Gooshy Fudz commercial. She auditioned for it, but the part was eventually given to Eva-Marie Saint)

  4. What’s the kitty stealing, hearts?

  5. Killer Klown says:

    And here we have one of the most elegantly beautiful people to ever walk this earth.

    And Grace Kelly.


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