Reindeer Goat Photobomb Action!

The fellow on the right is just now realizing he’s been PB’d by a goat dressed up as one of Santa’s reindeer. Then again, he’s wearing what looks to be a Santa suit, so maybe Reindeer Goat….belongs to him?

[We need to get FACTS before we publish this stuff. Can we get someone on this to confirm? -Ed]

From The Baby Goats & Friends Tumblr.



  1. Hi! Thanks for posting from my site! The picture was from here:
    And I think they probably own the goat.

  2. Er…isn’t that a lady Santa? Still cute either way; just saying.

  3. Santa and the Reindeer (including Rudolf) have already packed up the sleigh… And yet, we still have orders coming in. It’s just you and me goat, we need to save the day! One Elf! One Goat! Christmas is saved!

    Come they told me, parrupapumpum.
    The Christmas gifts to bring, parrupapumpum.
    My reindeer goat and me, parrupapumpum, parrupapumpum, parrupapumpum.

  4. Baaaaa humbug!