Let’s Puppeh-Cize, Everybody!

Puppehs have different ways of getting their exercise. Take Tyson, for example. He goes for a total BLAST-OFF GONZO aerobic power workout kinda thing. Watch him go thru his warmup:

Then, we have Misty (nickname “Bug” or “Misty Bug.”) Misty seems to prefer a passive exercise mode. Which is fine- we’re not judging. Lindsay tells us “At least twice a day my boyfriend calls out, ‘Time to drag the dog around!’ He proceeds to drag our dog all over the apartment. She loves it and wags her tail the whole time. We think it’s like a back scratch/massage for her.”

This stubbular Husky Puppeh likes to play tennis. Kinda.

And this puppeh clearly likes the pool, but isn’t so sure what to do after getting in the water.

Le Creditos~
1. Tyson video submitted by Susan M.
2. Misty video from Lindsay.
3. Husky video found on Twitter….somewhere. It went zooming by in Tweetdeck. Didn’t catch it. Sorry.
4. Discovered on The Digg.



  1. only the boxer vid came through.

  2. Shelby's doggie-mom says:

    Love that bouncy-Boxer! I have a Boxer too. Bounciest dog I’ve ever seen!

  3. #1 – Is training for Santa’s sleigh team, looks like reindeer tryouts got moved inside!
    #2 – Wouldn’t be easier just to scratch is back with your fingers?
    #3 – My jaw is aching watching him keep his teeth around it!
    #4 – Why swim when you can just stand and relax!!!

  4. #1 – I’m cute, I’m cute, she said I’m cuuuuuttttteeeee! (Rudolph after meeting Clarice)

  5. Where is this place where doggehs have their own swimming pool? Kinda funny how the other doggehs look at him from the side of the pool like “You know you’re meant to be swimming right?”

  6. #4–Doggie doesn’t want to get his hair wet.

  7. Bettymouse says:

    Ha ha! He just got his ears done and doesn’t want them to frizz!

  8. I bet that dogs owners are NEVER sad

  9. Mingles' Mommy says:

    OMG I love that Boxer… he’s airborne!!!!

  10. Need to teach that dog in the pool how to dog paddle.

  11. Not sure where that place is but there’s a facility in Loveland, Colorado that has a doggy pool for their boarder and daycare pups.

  12. Blue Footed Booby says:

    They are, but they always have someone to sympathize with them.

  13. That dog in the pool looks like he’s playing Marco Polo and losing!

  14. It’s Happy Tails Resort in Norfolk, VA! Hoping to take my senior pug to swim over the winter. Helps with her arthritis.

  15. Someone looks like they are peeing in the water.. (sing song)