Hey Fella…U Ever Been To Jersey?

NOMMABLE CORGI EARS! Must…get..control.

OK. Wanna meet some Cutie Patooties, as Rosie O’ Donnell used to say? (She might still say that, who knows.) Well ,we got ’em here for ya. “This is Jersey and her little Corgi brother Fella the Fifth,” says Submitter Erika H. [There are four more? WHERE? And wouldn’t he be…Fella v5.0? -Ed]

“As it is Fella’s first Christmas they posed politely for their Christmas card photos.”

“It is pretty easy being cute, especially when being tired makes you even more cute!”

“Now if only hoomins could behave this well!”




  1. Austin Starr says:

    one of the cutest things evah! when a puppy dog has eyes two different colors.

  2. Smartypants says:

    Adorable, and so well behaved! Is Jersey a Bichon Frisee? Love the 1st solo shot of Fella – that coy look!


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