Destroy The Halls With Boughs Of Maymo

Maymo and Penny decided “Deck The Halls” wouldn’t quite do the trick–so they took it one step further. An APB has now been issued– their current whereabouts are unknown. They should be considered armed & extremely frisky.

“In keeping with the cheer that comes along with the holiday, I’ve just uploaded a video of Reindeer Maymo & Santa Penny destroying a large number of Christmas-themed items, and then blowing up the house. Happy holidays from Maymes & Penny.” -Jay.



  1. Brilliant!!

  2. gratuitous

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Haha, love the part where he goes full Maru with a stocking.

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    Clearly the Grinch employed the wrong dog!

  5. mollykubik says:

    Whoa! That was, well, I’m looking for the right word here, pretty gnarly!

  6. Alice Shortcake says:

    I enjoy a bit of wanton destruction at the festive season. And they weren’t even drunk!

  7. dolphin815 says:

    So are we invited to your holiday party?

  8. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    OMG that was absolutely fantastic. Love how they set the house on fire before they drive away in their sleigh.

  9. They really gone all out on this one! Bravo! *applause/whistles*

  10. Can’t leave any evidence…ya nose?

  11. Unless He blew up the Grinch, too!

    Whoa this is getting a bit violent… Tee hee