Who’s a Cute Little Killing Machine?

Who’s a cutesy-wootsey chompy-wompy little sharkey-warkey? It’s you! Yes it is!

Oh, you just look darling in your little net! I could just eat you up, yes I could!

Bonnethead Shark pups from the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, via ZooBorns.



  1. YAY NC!!!! Great aquarium by the way.
    Critters are always cute when they’re little….then they grow up…….
    I would “squee” over this little guy, he IS cute!

  2. It’s not shark week again already is it ? hehe

  3. This proves my theory that every bebbeh animal is cute (in its own way). 🙂

  4. I was just going to give shout-out to the PKS aquarium, Elishab. They did such an awesome renovation several years ago. This little guy is just totes adorbs!

  5. lol, you talking to me punk! think your tough some swim with me I want to taste you, lol what a cute little shark, they rae cute as long as they stay small.

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Thank you! I love sharks; and I think baby sharks are soooo cute!

    I always love when CO posts pictures of unusual, even maligned, animals. Cute comes in so many forms, and it’s nice that CO acknowledges that. (-:

  7. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    D’awww. I loves me some sharkies. So adorbs as bebbehs, so beautiful as grown killing machines. ❤

  8. He looks like a cute little cartoon version of a shark.

  9. Catwhisperer says:

    I never knew sharklets were called pups. Thanks, CO, for making learning fun!

  10. Every week is shark week.

  11. Is permanent-side-eye a rule of cute? It should be 🙂

  12. Smartypants says:

    Yes, that is one of my fave things about CO too – like the snake firehouse mascot, or bebeh bats with their stuffed toys.

  13. Hmmm. I think U might be onto something there.

  14. Not wanting to smash the cute or anything, but is this one of those dudes that eats its siblings in-utero? Ugh!

  15. Yep, that’s what sharks do. 😀 so only the best get to be born.

    If you REALLY want to play that game, There are things about cat sex that would horrify you. 😛

  16. Pleeze pleeze don’t tell us!

  17. These are bonnethead sharks. It’s the sand tiger shark that feasts on its siblings in utero . (Certain other lamnoid sharks, such as great whites, have also been known to do this.) Since the female has a bifurcated womb, two babies survive – one from each side.

  18. So not feeling any better. Sometimes you really have to stretch yourself to feel the cute.

  19. Don’t care about the danger…I’m going in!
    “BOOP” 🙂

  20. Alice Shortcake says:

    This could be a new reality TV show – “Extreme Nose Booping”.

  21. These are my favorite sharks!!!! They are too cute! Squeeeeeee!!!