Oh Bomb All Ye Faithful

Deck the floor with presents dandy,
Pho-pho-pho-pho-pho, pho-pho-to-bomb!
Carolers cute and crammed with candy,
Pho-pho-pho-pho-pho, pho-pho-to-bomb!
Sing we now to fair remind us,
Pho-pho-pho, pho-pho-pho, pho-to-bomb!
Laser Kitty’s right behind us
Pho-pho-pho-pho-pho, pho-pho-to-bomb!

It’s “Tina, not happy among the presents,” says Sonia B.



  1. Followed by a rousing chorus of “Hark! The hairball angel springs”

  2. Soon.

  3. Something about a cat named Tina makes me very happy, I don’t know why.

  4. Mmm, pho… just the thing for a cold winter’s night… (slurp)

  5. cute b/w kitty!

  6. Is she not happy because she can’t have any candy? Or because they’re blocking her from view?

  7. Hee Hee Hee

  8. Lots of basil and lime but hold the culantro. It’s like cilantro’s bully big brother.

  9. Tina, the kitty, about to attack those stuffed toys in 3 … 2 … 1 😆

  10. We five stuffies of ornament are,
    bringing candy to put in a jar,
    Bear and dragon, moose, monk and penguin, (work with me)
    following yonder stars…
    Stars in eyeballs,
    Stars in space,
    Stars from the superior race,
    Onward leading,
    Always pleading,
    We just want to feed our face.

  11. I actually sang these words to one of my Kittehs who meowed in response! I think it was a thumbs up!! LOL

  12. Oh dearie, dearie me. Tears of laughter are running down my face.

  13. Smartypants says:

    Win and win!