Godzilla Vs. Megakitty!

Aieeee! Megakitty has escaped from Monster Island and is rampaging through Tokyo and only Godzilla can stop her and here comes Godzilla now to put an end to this madness but now they are both rampaging and smashing buildings and this is horrible and I am so upset and terrified that I cannot even pause between sentences and have to keep talking and talking because the actor on the screen won’t stop moving his lips EEEEAAAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!

Via Likecool.com.



  1. Suffering from reptile dysfunction?

  2. Smartypants says:

    “One, two, three aaaaand dip!”

  3. And I just saw the preview for a big-screen, computer-generated, 3-D, lavish, Hollywood re-make of Godzilla! In theaters sometime next year!

  4. Is this s a scene from the re-make? If so, I’ll definitely be there!

    Another post for that coffee table I am so eagerly awaiting, NTMTOM…

  5. If you want to get Megakitteh to go back to his home, just go to Monster Island and fire up the electric can opener to open a can of tuna…..

  6. I think kitteh san would have more fun playing with Mosura (Mothra).

    P.S. I have that exact Godzilla figurine and i keep it out of reach of my kitties!

  7. NICE!!!

  8. I love Godzilla! I love kittehs! I love CO!

  9. Not Kat Kong?

  10. That kitten is just adorable. I want to snort those stripes.

  11. Same here 😀

  12. I also want to snorgle and cuddle that dear sweet kitty 😀

  13. NOMTOM, you are sleighing me, as always (did ya see what I did there, then?)

  14. Its a little known fact to anyone born since it happened but Kitten Kong devastated London in the 1970s but luckily The Goodies saved us. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitten_Kong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqdeWGnjINQ

  15. “have to keep talking and talking because the actor on the screen won’t stop moving his lips”
    ROFL!!! I’m dying here!!!

  16. Godzilla . . . or Thunder Thighs?

  17. well, it is a Thunder Lizard, after all….