Double Vision Always Seems to get the Best of You

A sudden change in your vision could be an early warning sign of a craving for jelly donuts, two monster sized chocolate bars, a box of dates, some sand dunes and a tent or two.

Via YouTube.



  1. It’s like a PushMe-PullMe gone horribly right.

    They look like they’re lost and looking for directions to the living navity.

  2. All I see is a short, not very entertaining video of a chihuahua playing on a bed. Am I missing something?

  3. Okay, now the latest 12 days of Milo also shows the same chihuahua 😀 On this page the chihuahua is replaced by a “camel appears!!”-video. I’ll just run a virus scan or something… or probably go back to bed 😛

  4. sabrina rose says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was amazing when that little camel peeled off into TWO little camels! I loved it – what a lucky shot!

  5. I agree Kar. The first thing I thought of was a Dr. Doolittle PushMe-PullYou too.

  6. One hump or two?

  7. Mmm…donuts….

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    This is not what I had originally typed, and I’m glad I remembered where I was before I hit “Post.”

  9. To which I can only reply with a line from Young Frankenstein: What hump?

  10. How did they DO that? Hee, hee, hee…..