What Would Happen If…

…you invited a Bobcat over for dinner? It would look something like…this.

From Concord Paul & Barb.



  1. Rescue Gal says:

    Love to C.O.- but NO! These are NOT domesticated house pets. 😦

  2. what What WHAT!?!? How?! Where?! Why?!? Me. PLEASE !!!!!?!!!!!!

  3. He’s seasoning his dinner….

  4. OFFICIAL NOTICE: Please do not buy a bobcat for a pet.

  5. Nuffers, you have been put on notice.

  6. huh? wha? ummmm…..

  7. How does one submit such a video and not explain how they came to have a pet BOBCAT?!?!

  8. It’s really sweet and all but all I keep thinking is the hair going in her food.

  9. Tony James says:

    The real question is, how can anyone have a bobcat and name him “Benj”? I mean, it’s a bobcat, right? A cat named Bob? Benj is undignified and diminutive.

  10. Agreed! Why buy one when you can get someone to mail one to you?
    http://xkcd.com/325/ 🙂
    Off to order an office chair…

  11. phred's mom says:

    no, no, a thousand times no!
    he ‘s scent- marking them as
    part of his domain. who is in
    charge here? he is. not wise.

  12. petless in Puddletown says:

    I sneer at your mashed potatoes!! Dude, I am a BOBCAT. Try the ham, for starters.

  13. It’s certainly very cute, but even if it’s a rescue bobcat that couldn’t be returned to the wild, it’s a bad idea to have it in the house with people.

  14. SlaveToCat says:

    I had a coat that looked just like…..oh never mind. 😉

  15. Kitty!

  16. That was my first thought too, There’s Bobcat Hair in my Food!!!

  17. Adding “love mauling by bobcat” to my Christmas list now.

  18. Simultaneously frightening and nostalgic. We had a bunch of outdoor cats growing up on a small farm. One generation crossbred with a bobcat (never actually met dad), but the kittens were so sweet. Guess they got domestication from mom. Except when you gave them meat as a treat/snack; entertaining to see them growl, but watch your hands! This however? Not wise.

  19. Is that a DEER on the floor at 1:44??

  20. Thank you for this.

  21. Good one!

  22. It’s the season for hope.

  23. OMG there is a deer in the video, too, you are right!! I’m sure this is a special case where they had to take in an orphan…of course it’s not a pet. I assume this family lives in the wild somewhere…

  24. As beautiful as these scenes are but rescuegal is right.

  25. According to the owner, Benji had a stroke at birth. He has health issues from that and could not survive in the wild.

  26. see below

  27. Maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt and assume there’s a good reason to have a bobcat as a pet. As for me, I’m adding “being love mauled by a bobcat” to my bucket list. 🙂

  28. Whenever I see a video of a person or family with a wild animal in their house, my first thought is always that there’s some kind of foster situation or something like that, never that people are just adopting elephants and tigers for pets. I’m always so confused when people freak out about it here and just assume the worst instead of the best!

    BTW it is ADORABLE!! I’d love to hug a kitty that big, look at all that tummy to pet!!

  29. So why no one comes to me and asks if I’d like to take care of a bobcat, a deer, a koala or some such?

  30. I figured it is a foster situation.

    The purringks are LOUD! 🙂

  31. “I can’t help but notice you smell like human. Let me fix that. Now you smell like me. As it should be.”

  32. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Agreed, although I’m assuming there’s a good reason they have him. He certainly seems to love them.

  33. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Ah. I suspected there was a good reason. They seem to know what they’re doing. He’s a beautiful animal and obviously very healthy and happy.

  34. I don’t care if it’s a bobcat or a house cat – keep it OFF THE TABLE while you are eating! Yuck.

  35. The way I look at it, pet fur (dog fur in my household) is just another kitchen condiment.

  36. Such silly hoomins trying to feed a bobcat mashed potatoes. Everyone knows only Winston eats mashed potatoes!

  37. OMG thank you for saying this! So many lectures and public service announcements abound on so many posts as of late (and usually by the same people). People assuming things (and we all know what THAT does) and judging people they’ve never met, from 2 minute videos or a handful of photos. it confuses me, too.

    Pretty sure that no one that CO’s needs a lecture on not keeping bobcats or poisonous snakes. I’m surprised we’ve not been infiltrated by some of those uber-animal-lovers who think that keeping ANY kind of pet is wrong. God help us if THEY find us, too!

  38. It was joke. Sorry I didn’t make that more evident.

  39. Rescue Gal says:

    Oops. Sorry. 🙂

  40. I want a bobcat! Even domestic cats are pretty close to being wild animals, this is just a really *big* house cat. Okay, not really, but I still want one.

  41. Kracker Nutellio says:


  42. “Do I LOOK Irish to you?”

  43. His purr sounds like an idling Harley! Vroom!

  44. He seemed to be headed for the butter for a second there–which would make him very like many other cats I have known.

  45. The ecstatic face-rubbing reminds me of Christian the lion seeing his humans. And any mention of bobcats reminds me of the people who found an injured starving cat on the side of the road and took it to their vet . . . who realized it was actually a bobcat.

    Lastly: Nuffers be damned, I WANT A PET BOBCAT. (I also want to win the lottery, eat and sleep all day, and look like a swimsuit model. None of these ‘wants’ has a prayer of actually happening. Unfortunately.)

  46. I’ll buy you a winning lotto ticket Juno, then you can have it all.

  47. OMG Thank you for saying this!!!

  48. Chill. And please, never come to my home. 🙂

  49. Adopting dangerous animals as pets is just wrong!That bobcat should know better.

  50. Jenny Islander says:

    According to what I’ve read, a bobcat is about as home-keepable* as a cheetah. That is to say:

    *Hand raise from birth;

    *Provide lots and lots and lots and lots and LOOOOOOOTS of things to do, or they will get bored and remodel your house;

    *Socialize early and often, or they will draw a narrow little line around your household and snarl at your guests;

    *At least socialize to a large pool of potential caregivers, because if left alone for more than their usual daytime sleep period (luckily this is about 8 hours) they will remodel your house;

    *Feed raw meat and bones exclusively, and be extremely vigilant about mix of organs vs. muscle meat vs. bones and also about hygiene.

    *Not domesticable. Like cheetahs, they can be turned into wild animals that like you a whole bunch and don’t panic around strangers, but they cannot be tamed. So, basically, if you are willing to remodel your entire life around this animal, you too can be loved on** by a dog-sized fluffy kittywittums that purrs like a bulldozer and likes to stick his toebeans in your mouth.

    **The first house-bobcat I ever read about never put out his claws around humans, but he loved to hide somewhere high and jump on people, because he thought that the sounds they made when they hit the dirt were hilarious. Bobcats have low senses of humor.

  51. Works for me.

  52. Well, given that the guy just “picked up” some mash potato with his finger … I think don’t anyone was planning to eat the food on that plate.

  53. And this is mine…. And this is mine….

  54. Sharon Wilson says:


  55. If you really want a big cat get yourself a Maine Coon Cat then. While extremely longhaired, they run up to 25 lbs. and up to 16×34 inches (exclusive of tail). Compare that with a bobcat which is up to 40 lbs and 24×49 inches (exclusive of tail). Based on info in wikipedia a large male MCC is about the same size as an average female bobcat and they have lovely large paws for gripping with.

    If you’re looking for a shorthair with similar markings and don’t mind the size so much you could not do much better than an Occicat which can weigh up to 14 lbs (although the breed average is about 10lbs.)

  56. Aw, thanks, lionelcat. You’re the best!

  57. Is that even possible? I always thought that a bobcat could not and would not breed with a cat. On the other hand, there are those fancy breeds between cats and servals or caracals.

  58. I think there where pictures of those two as babes here on CO…

  59. Obviously not. His ass is on the table with the food. My cats are allowed to do pretty much everything they want, but not this. Also, I would never pet them or let them pet me while they have their claws in my skin. I assume it is just not possible to teach him those few manners because he is a wild animal. Now I am wondering about the litter box…

  60. Alot of what you’ve said here is what the owner shared on his YouTube site – you just have to sift through over a thousand comments to get the whole story. He has had over 20 yrs. experience with wild animals through volunteering with a rescue site for wild pets that are given up by their owners. For his own bobcat, he has to have a $200 state permit, annual inspections of home and outdoor enclosure, and proof of training and experience with wild/exotic animals. This bobcat was born in captivity, and has medical issues which make him unable to survive on his own in the wild. Benji only eats raw meats, mostly whole chickens, feathers and all. He is not declawed and one of the videos shows the scratchy results of a vigorous “playtime.”

  61. Snerk!

  62. Similar to catsup!

  63. I think I remember those pictures – good memory!

  64. Coat Overload

  65. fleurdamour says:

    I knew someone when I was ten whose mother was obsessed with keeping wild animals as pets. She kept a grown bobcat in the only bathroom at their house. I used the facilities a few times, and the cat never hurt me but he would sit and stare at you ferally and growl. I only went when I desperately needed to. I now find it hard to believe that any adult was insane enough to let a child alone into a bathroom with a frustrated bobcat. This guy seems more socialized than the cat I have experience of, but I must say I still have a lingering holy terror of getting so close to an animal that wild.

  66. My uncle had a cat who was born to a barn cat mom, from a bobcat. dad. He was named Rocky, since he came from Colorado. He was sweet with people, and especially tolerant of little kids. However, he was a terror to the neighborhood wildlife, He patrolled his hilly territory into his old age. One day, my uncle got a phone call from a neighbor at the bottom of the hill. Rocky, who was 20 by then, had gone to the edge of his territory , but his arthritis wouldn’t let him get back to the top, where home was. My uncle had to drive down and get him.
    Rocky wasn’t allowed out again, so he spent his last two years lounging and eating cat treats.

  67. Poor mom. There’s a reason only mares can legally foal mules.

  68. Jenny Islander says:

    If you click the Youtube icon you can watch almost 200 videos of Benji, his poppa the Boston bull terrier, his uncle the Rottweiler, his sibling the deer, and assorted pet hoomins. I think my favorite of the ones I’ve sampled is “Came Home to Find a Vicious Wildcat Holding My Dogs Hostage on the Couch.” Benji is cuddled up to his poppa like a gigantic kitten (nursing on his flank, I think) and the poor dog is like “Oh thank Dog you’re home please distract him I’ve been trapped here for hours” while the Rottie is all like, “Not gettin’ involved over here, nope.”

    There’s also the one where Benji loves baths so much, even when he rolled in something awful and his hoomins have to use shampoo, that he must break in the middle in order to do the Happy Cheek Rubbing Dance of Happiness on everything in the bathroom.

  69. Dixie's Mom says:

    “a dog-sized fluffy kittywittums that purrs like a bulldozer and likes to stick his toebeans in your mouth.”

    That just…. made my WEEK. WAAAAANNNTTTTT!!!!