Sting Rats Out Ninja To Santa

“So I woke up to this carnage this morning…my naughty cat Ninja decimated a poor Brooks running shoe box. Ninja finds random things to chew on, much like a new puppy. This poor box was no match for his Ginsu-like fangs of death. My innocent cat Sting wanted Santa to know that he should remain on Santa’s nice list.” -Lisa D.

Ninja Evidence Enhance!




  1. Oh yes, the ripping of cardboard…

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Ninja points the paw at the Gerbil.

  3. 😆 Ninja is just being a cat, Lisa D. 😆 He does not care if he is naughty or nice 😆

  4. I’m not so sure that Sting is entirely innocent.

  5. Glad is was a shoe box and not a Lisa D.’s Christmas gift. Things would not be so merry then…….:)

  6. That’s for sure. My little guy (12lb, hand-raised, spoiled black cat) watches me watching him pull ornaments off the Xmas tree. He doesn’t even attempt to blame the other cat or even care when I come over and remove him from the scene, He just screams his “girly” scream…..waits 5 seconds and goes back at it, then of course he gets bored and starts picking on the dog….life with cats!

  7. I’m with you. Would an innocent cat plant himself right in the middle of the carnage?

  8. Wow, your black cat screams when picked up, too? My Sollie makes this “crying in agony” scream when you pick her up! A black cat thing?

  9. I clicked on the link and obviously, it went to the singer’s page…I was hoping Sting the cat had his own URL.

  10. He did more than decimate (1/10th) it, he destroyed it!

  11. You named your cat Ninja.

    That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy here.

  12. I guess, I have had other types of cats and they sounded “normal” when meowing or whatever. Lil’Bear is a pretty hefty cat but he has a “girly” cry or scream when he’s upset…funniest thing ever. We have a little black cat, Gigi, and she has a meow that is normal for her size and doesn’t even come close to the “girly” sound. Too funny…