JUST In Time For Gift Giving

Tired of the ads for Chia Pets, (do they still do those?) beer-making kits, and slippers that fall apart before New Year’s Day? We’ve got just the thing…..

QTE Farmster Animuhls.

Now, you know Farm Sanctuary– we’ve featured their critters on C.O. from time to time.

They do good work- protecting farm animuhls from cruelty. Like these guys! (See hovers for names & creditos.)

Now you can adopt one for yourself!

Think of the gift-giving possibilities!

They are all part of their Adopt a Farm Animal Program….

…and come with an adoption certificate, a color photograph, a decal, and a VIP tour to meet your sponsored animal. (NY area shelter is in Watkins Glen) or Northern California (shelter in Orland) or the LA area (shelter in Acton, a 45 minute drive from Hollywood.)

Thanks to Meredith T.



  1. brilliant idea my friend! XOXO – Bacon

  2. If bacon is wrong, I don’t want to be right .. thou I prefer it moving vs. cooked

  3. Janet in NYC says:

    I love Farm Sanctuary! I am a member and I just made a matching domation to this wonderful organization. Happy Holidays to all the critters in their care and to all the Farm Sanctuary volunteers who take care of them.

  4. Not only do they still have Chia pet ads, but now you can get Chia Willie and Chia Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty, and you can grow their Chia beards!
    I think I’d rather adopt a duck.

  5. autumnsong says:

    I used to work for Farm Sanctuary. The work they do and the way the animals are treated is really great. If you ever get a chance, a visit to the farm is really a great experience.

  6. I love that someone went to the thought and trouble to name a rescue duck Gwendolyn.