Classic Meg Rewind: March 1, 2007

(These Classic Meg posts could also be called Meg-a-blast from the Past!)

Queen of Dee Carpet!

I am the queen. QUEEN OF THE CARPET!

You can BOW at my—er I CAN BOW at your feet!

The pet store says I am a boy bunny, but—I don’t care!


Carpetingks bunneh
Brandi C., he wears it well.



  1. Not to nuff, but isn’t that a chinchilla? Bunny or chinchi, he’s certainly adorable!

  2. so soft … looks like it’s a chinchilla?

  3. It’s a chinchilla-colored rabbit.

  4. Looks like a Chinchilla to me also

  5. Looks like a chinchilla to me, too. Unless the perspective is doing something weird, the ears look more like chinchilla ears than rabbit ears.

  6. Definitely a rabbit. Chinchilla whiskers are darker, and that is certainly a rabbit’s nosies. Perspective is also playing tricks on the ears.

    Also, “Meg-a-blast From Teh Past” has aaallll of my votes.

  7. Like Miyu said, the nose is not a chinchilla’s nose. The paws are another dead giveaway. Chinchillas have little tiny hand-like paws, versus the well-furred appendages you see in this picture, which are clearly rabbit toes.

  8. Smartypants says:

    Even if he’s a boy, he looks smashing in a tiara!

  9. you’re right … the tiara is holding back the ears … and no little round chinchilla could ever have those haunches …

  10. He’s a Chinchilla rabbit, I have one who could be his twin, sans crown. they are named so because of the fur color, and it is sooooooo soft. Btw, my Oscar would have tossed off that crown in milliseconds!

  11. Man, I haven’t been to the mod lounge in ages! Seems the cleaning crew hasn’t been here in ages, either! *aah-chooooo!* Some Christmas cookies and eggnog would be nice…hint, hint… 🙂