Time To Step Up, Lil’ Guys!

This little gang of whackadoodle parrots wants to be fed. Right this very second.

22Words.com FTW.



  1. Blue Footed Booby says:


  2. Polly REALLY wants a cracker!!

  3. Quakers stage a peepsful protest.

  4. I’m not usually one for birds, but that was adorable. Also, the guy on the end derping made me laugh — reminds me of me. “What? Huh?”

  5. There’s always one facing the wrong direction and staring blankly into space. Always.

  6. I lurves me some whackadoodle parrots.

  7. What is the little blue one?
    Different species? Color morph?

  8. Same species. Breeders often include a color mutation in the gene-line (called “split to blue” etc.) I don’t think there’s any significant difference besides color. Sometimes parrotlets that are split to blue are said to be more docile, but there’s so much personality variation among individual birds of a given species anyway, that it’s hard to determine how much of the personality is due to the mutation and how much is due to just being, say, “Mr. Twitterson.”

  9. just a morph yes 8D all quakers tho!

  10. If I wanted a parrot,that’s the one I’d take 🙂

  11. always

  12. The anti-social one on the top-right is all: “Meh… don’t do me any favors!” ;-p

  13. They are all lovely little birdies.. I hope they all find their forever person.

  14. That one in the back looks mortified by the others.

    – We just got fed six hours ago. What are we, humming birds?

  15. Quaking Quakers Batman!

  16. Eek! Now I’m thinking of a chicken lady and a man w/ no bottom half…

  17. LOL, methinks that’s exactly his thought.

  18. Must be part of my family w/ the Jewish martyrdom: “That’s okay, I’ll STARVE.”